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FDJ Supports Its Network of Partner Merchants with An Advertising Campaign

BOULOGNE, France (June 17, 2020) - From June 22, La Française des Jeux (FDJ) is offering an institutional campaign, on radio and on display, dedicated to promoting its distribution network of 30,000 points of sale.

The FDJ group recalls with this campaign that its network of partner traders is at the heart of French life. This local network, the first in France, is mainly made up of newsagents, tobacconists as well as bars, which offer lottery games, sports betting and Group services.

It is around this signature, "All of our partner merchants are happy to welcome you almost as before," that the campaign revolves, which underlines the conviviality of these everyday businesses, present everywhere in the territory.


FDJ alongside its network

The Group wishes to provide support to its partners and to their activity in a period of health and economic crisis. During the containment linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, FDJ made a strong commitment to its retailers by implementing various measures to help them comply with health regulations, provide them with masks and facilitate their financial management. The Group is still with them today to support them in reviving or resuming their activity.

Through this institutional campaign, we wanted to bring visibility to the essential activity of local shops, which carry the offer of FDJ games and which play a major role in our relationship with our customers throughout the territory. It is important for us to continue supporting them as we did from the start of the crisis. These local shops are anchored in the heart of everyone's life and constitute real places of life and conviviality that must be preserved," Emphasizes Raphaële Rabatel, Communication & CSR Director of the FDJ group.

A radio spot and five posters throughout France

The realization of this campaign was entrusted to the agency Romance, which imagined a radio spot of thirty seconds and an advertising poster declined in five different versions.

Each of these five versions depicts moments in the daily life of these businesses, where customers and merchants meet over coffee, a conversation on current affairs or a gain made possible by the offer of games. FDJ.

The Group wishes to support its network of partner merchants through this specific campaign, which includes a week-long radio exhibition and a network of more than

13,000 posters deployed throughout the country.

SOURCE: La Française des Jeux (FDJ).






INTRALOT Powers Taiwan Sports Lottery Corporation with new CMS Solution and eSports Games


ATHENS, Greece (June 22, 2020) -- INTRALOT’s Canvas, the advanced content management system, together with an enriched sportsbook of new eSports games level up the betting experience for TSLC’s players.

INTRALOT is pleased to announce the successful launch of INTRALOT Canvas, its advanced content management system (CMS), and new eSports games for its long-standing customer Taiwan Sports Lottery Corporation (TSLC), the market exclusive licensed betting operator, that will level up the betting experience of its players.

With time-to-market being a key differentiator in the digital space, INTRALOT Canvas will empower TSLC to rapidly build and configure a responsive HTML5 betting portal offering a full-featured betting experience, optimized for all screen sizes, with customized, personalized and rich betting content offering for their online players, differentiating TSLC from the competition. INTRALOT Canvas is a truly powerful CMS, featuring embedded software tools like personalization, analytics, player engagement and marketing and a comprehensive set of betting-specific functionalities.

In parallel, INTRALOT has enabled the launch of eSports Betting supporting the innovative quest of TSLC to enhance its sportsbook and offer an unparalleled player experience through new content.

The new eSports games are powered by SPORTRADAR with the first one launched being the major and most popular League of Legends (LOL), available in both retail and online channels. Additional eSports titles are planned to be introduced in the near future.


We are pleased to successfully have integrated the new multi-tool CMS, INTRALOT Canvas, that will help us address operational efficiency and achieve a fast time-to-market response,” said Mr. Ted Lin, President of TSLC.

In addition, the introduction of new eSports games in Taiwan will give us the opportunity to enter the fastest-growing eSports betting market and broaden our audience with players from different segments.”

We are excited to see our long-standing partner in Taiwan TSLC, paving the way in gaming and keep growing,” said Dr. Chris Dimitriadis, INTRALOT Group CEO. “At INTRALOT, we capitalize on our technological expertise to meet the evolving market demand and help our customers offer steadily an elevated gaming entertainment to their players.

ESports betting has become an emerging segment in the global sports betting sector and its rapid rise recently is expected to transform the landscape of the gaming industry. According to the eSports Ecosystem report from Business Insider Intelligence, the size of the eSports market will surpass $1,5 billion dollars in 2023, while it is predicted that Asia, which is considered the most populated region of the world, will provide the highest increase of eSports fans.


INTRALOT, a public listed company established in 1992, is a leading gaming solutions supplier and operator active in 44 regulated jurisdictions around the globe. With €0.7 billion turnover and a global workforce of approximately 3,800 employees (2,200 of which in subsidiaries and 1,600 in associates) in 2019, INTRALOT is an innovation - driven corporation focusing its product development on the customer experience. The company is uniquely positioned to offer to lottery and gaming organizations across geographies market-tested solutions and retail operational expertise. The company has designed a new ecosystem of holistic omni-channel solutions across verticals (Lottery, Betting, Interactive, VLT) for Lotteries digital transformation. INTRALOT has been awarded the prestigious WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Certification by the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the WLA certificate for the Security Control standard.

For more info: Ms. Chryssa Amanatidou, Group Corporate Affairs Director, Phone: +30 2106156000, Fax: +30 2106106800, email:



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Costa Rican Social Protection Board (JPS) Launches Its Online Lottery Sales Channel

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica (June 19, 2020) -- The Costa Rican Social Protection Board (JPS) enabled the technological platform for the sale of Chances and National Lottery.

The authorities of the institution had agreed on the technological jump since the previous January, without an execution date, but they had to advance it after the financial blow that meant suspending the draws for almost two months, amid the pandemic by Covid.

Board President Esmeralda Britton said Act 8718 empowers them to change.

The official launch of the platform is made within the framework of the celebration of Father's Day.

The JPS assures that the decision to launch the virtual sale of chances and lottery is statistically based, through a study that showed that 47 percent of the players were willing to buy online.

On the other hand, the manager of the Board, Marilyn Solano points out that no seller will be left without the printed lottery.

The platform guarantees the security of the data offered by the player, who must be of legal age, according to the Board's Production and Marketing manager, Evelyn Blanco.

Once on the website, people select the number of fractions they want, then the number or the "covered rooster."

From this moment, you have 10 minutes to complete your purchase.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card.

Those who win will receive their prize the next business day in their bank account or in person at the JPS offices.

The platform closes at 6.45 in the afternoon, every day of the draw, and there will be a call centre to assist the players and answer questions.



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FDJ Launch "Go Mojo", A New Free Interactive Gaming Platform

BOULOGNE, France (June 22, 2020) - La Française des Jeux (FDJ) is launching for the first time a free digital games platform, "Go Mojo", allowing it to win up to 100,000 euros. The FDJ group is thus strengthening in the entertainment sector.

Go Mojo offers the possibility of entertaining differently on digital. The platform, which is aimed at people over 18, offers a dozen interactive games with very varied and colorful universes, available on or on Android.

FDJ continues with this new platform its dynamic of digital development and innovation, while developing new entertainment activities.

The Group confirms its status as a benchmark in the field of games, with the aim of offering a diversified and responsible game offer.

Schafer Systems Inc.

Go Mojo platform

Go Mojo was born from the alliance between the FDJ group and Redpill, a new generation media group, expert in innovation and technology. The term "Mojo" from American slang means extreme luck.

Go Mojo is based on a point system, the “balls”, which players use to bet on different types of games. At registration, each player receives 30 balls to start the adventure. He can then choose advertisements to view or even sponsor friends to collect additional balls.

The majority of games allow players to bet their balls to collect more. There are currently seven games to win balls: Keep the Mojo, Mojo Battle, Mojo Scope, Mojo Land, Mojo Pop, Mojo Power and El Mojo Loco. Players can also bet their balls on games that win euros: Go Mojo, Go 100 and Go Lucky.

The richness and diversity of the games offered on the Go Mojo platform immerse users in extremely varied universes, echoing the major themes of pop culture and the universes of games of chance that are familiar to them.

Go Mojo, the platform's flagship game, allows you to win up to 100,000 euros in each draw on Wednesday and Sunday at 8 p.m. Go 100, meanwhile, can win up to 100 euros in each draw every two minutes. Using the principle of a raffle, Go Lucky guarantees up to 500 euros for each draw every Monday. Players can recover their winnings by transfer from 20 euros, after verification of their identity document.

The Go Mojo platform uses “Blockchain” technology to guarantee the security of the platform but also the integrity of the data circulating there.

SOURCE: La Française des Jeux (FDJ).


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Mr Philip N L Chen Becomes 25th Chairman of The Hong Kong Jockey Club; Mr Michael T H Lee becomes Deputy Chairman

HONGKONG, SAR (June 22, 2020) -- The Hong Kong Jockey Club (“Club”) announced today (22 June) that Mr Philip Chen, GBS JP had been elected by the Board of Stewards (“Board”) as the new Chairman of the Club. Mr Michael T H Lee, JP was elected as the new Deputy Chairman.

Mr Chen succeeds Dr Anthony Chow, who retired on the same date having reached the age of 70. Dr Chow served more than 18 years as a Steward of the Club, almost two of them as Chairman.  In appreciation of his outstanding service and contribution, the Board has invited Dr Chow to become an Honorary Steward.

Mr Chen has been a Club Member since 1987 and a Voting Member since 2003.

He is currently a Non-Executive Director of Hang Lung Properties. Mr Lee has been a Club Member since 1989 and a Voting Member since 2001. He is currently Director of Oxer Holdings Ltd.

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Speaking about the chairmanship, Mr Chen paid tribute to his predecessors. “It is an immense honour and privilege for me to take up this new role. Our past Chairmen, Stewards, Voting Members and Management have built a strong foundation for the Club over the decades. In particular I would like to thank my predecessor, Dr Anthony Chow, who has contributed so much to the Club and to the community it serves.”

Looking to the future, Mr Chen said: “The Club has a well-established and highly effective integrated business model, which has enabled us to achieve world-class racing, provide substantial tax and charity support, and deepen our engagement with the community. Certainly in these challenging times the Club will do everything it can to support the betterment of our society, which is, and always will be, our purpose.” 

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Founded in 1884, The Hong Kong Jockey Club is a world-class racing club that acts continuously for the betterment of our society. The Club has a unique integrated business model, comprising racing and racecourse entertainment, a membership club, responsible sports wagering and lottery, and charities and community contribution. Through this model, the Club generates economic and social value for the community and supports the Government in combatting illegal gambling. In 2018/19, the Club made a record return to the Government of HK$23.3 billion in duty and profits tax and contributed HK$1.3 billion to the Lotteries Fund. Approved charity and community donations were HK$4.3 billion. The Club is Hong Kong’s largest single taxpayer and one of the city’s major employers. Its Charities Trust is also one of the world’s top ten charity donors. The Club is always “riding high together for a better future” with the people of Hong Kong.

SOURCE: The Hong Kong Jockey Club.


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China’s Ministry of Finance Release National Lottery Sales for May 2020

National Lottery Sales Continued to Decline Year-on-Year

June 23, 2020 Source: General Department

National Lottery Sales

Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, national lottery sales continued to decline year-on-year. In May, the country's total sales of lottery 292.22 Yiyuan , reducing up 63.02 Yiyuan , fell 17.7 % . Among them, the welfare lottery sales of 140.12 billion yuan, up 24.81 billion yuan, down 15.0 %; sports lottery sales 152.10 billion yuan, up 38.21 billion yuan, down 20.1 %.

From January to May, a total of 90.33 billion yuan of lottery tickets were sold nationwide, a year-on-year decrease of 87.499 billion yuan, a decrease of 49.2 %. Among them, the sales of welfare lottery institutions amounted to 43.791 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 37.848 billion yuan, down 46.2 %; the sales of sports lottery institutions amounted to 46.339 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 49.651 billion yuan, down 51.7 %.

GLI 300x250

Categorical Lottery Ticket Sales

Yuefen, lotto type lottery sales figures 232.15 Yiyuan , an increase of 41.80 Yiyuan , an increase of 22.0 %; Guess Lottery sales 27.16 Yiyuan , an decrease 68.34 Yiyuan , decreased 71.6 %; that the type of lottery sales 23.63 Yiyuan , Year-on-year decrease of 239 million yuan , a decrease of 9.2 %; video-type lottery sales of 916 million yuan , a year-on-year decrease of 3.405 billion yuan , a decrease of 78.8 %; Keno type lottery sales of 11 million yuan , a year-on-year decrease of 0.04100 million yuan , a decrease of 24.5 %. 5 Yuefen , lotto digital type, Guess, that the type, video type, keno -type lottery ticket sales accounted for total sales 79.4 % 9.3 % 8.1 % 3.1 % 0. 1 %.

1- 5 months total, lottery numbers lottery ticket sales 675.09 billion yuan, up 249.83 billion yuan, down 27.0 %; Guess Lottery sales of 107.21 billion yuan, reduce 419.48 billion yuan, decreased 79.6 %; instant lottery sales 85.09 billion, an decrease 30.11 billion yuan, decreased 26.1 %; video lottery ticket sales 35.66 billion yuan, reduce 175.18 billion yuan, decreased 83.1 %; keno-type lottery sales 0.25 billion yuan, reducing the 0.39 billion yuan, decreased 60.9 %. 1- 5 Yue, lotto digital type, Guess, that the type, video type and keno-type lottery ticket sales accounted for total sales of 74.7 %11.9 % 9.4 % 3.9 %, 0. . 1 %.

Sub-Regional Lottery Sales Situation

5 Yuefen, compared with the same period last year, the country has Xinjiang, Tibet and Qinghai, three provinces in lottery sales have increased, year on year increase of 183 million yuan, 134 million yuan and 0.22 billion yuan. Cumulatively from January to May, compared with the same period of last year, the lottery sales in all provinces of the country have declined.

Lottery institutions at all levels shall, in accordance with the needs of epidemic prevention and control, combine the reality of lottery issuance and sales work in an orderly manner to resume lottery issuance and sales work. Each level financial departments should further strengthen supervision, and actively create a favorable external environment, maintaining market normal order and promote the healthy development of the lottery.

SOURCE: Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China.


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NJ Lottery Announce Updates to Core Games

Draw Times Changes, Exclusive Livestreaming, and Bigger Jackpots Await

TRENTON, NJ (June 22, 2020) – The New Jersey Lottery is modernizing its core games line-up starting June 29 with a new draw time, new way to watch, and a bigger starting jackpot. The evening draw time for Pick-3, Pick-4, Jersey Cash 5, and Pick-6 is changing and moving exclusively to livestreaming. Additionally, Jersey Cash 5 gets more numbers to choose from and bigger starting jackpots – increasing from an estimated $75,000 to a guaranteed $100,000!

New Evening Drawing Time

New Jersey Lottery evening drawings are moving from 7:57 p.m. to 10:57 p.m. daily. New Jersey Lottery Executive Director James Carey announced that starting June 29 New Jersey Lottery’s core games will be drawn later in the evening to allow players more time and opportunity to get their tickets for their favorite games.


The later draw time also brings the NJ Lottery’s core game drawings closer in timing to the big multi-state games, Mega Millions and Powerball. The midday drawings remain at 12:59 pm, daily.

Evening Drawings Now Exclusively Livestreamed

Evening drawings can now be watched from anywhere. Midday and evening drawings can be watched live on the Lottery’s Facebook page or at While drawings will no longer air on WPIX-11 and WPHL-17, they will still be videotaped with independent auditors on site for each drawing. Mega Millions and Powerball drawings will still be aired on WABC-TV and WTXF stations.

Draw results can always be found on the Lottery’s website or by phone at 1-800-222-0996. Additionally, local newspapers and retailers can assist players looking for recent drawing results.

Bigger Jackpots Coming to Jersey Cash 5

Starting jackpots for Jersey Cash 5 are increasing from an estimated $75,000 to a guaranteed $100,000, beginning June 29.

In the enhanced Jersey Cash 5 game, players will select five numbers from 1 to 45 for a chance at the new higher jackpot pool. Currently, players choose five numbers from 1 to 43.

“The new matrix allows the New Jersey Lottery to offer bigger, guaranteed jackpots to our loyal Jersey Cash 5 players,” said Executive Director Carey. “In 2019, we awarded jackpot prizes to more than 150 winners. With this change, we will still be able to award plenty of jackpots to players in the Garden State while ensuring the jackpots start bigger and climb faster.”

For more information on odds and prizes, visit our website.

SOURCE: The New Jersey Lottery.


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The Florida Lottery Announce A New Limited-Time Mega Millions® Promotion

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (June 23, 2020) – Beginning today, every 15th MEGA MILLIONS® with Megaplier® purchase of $9 or more, sold statewide, will be an instant winner of $15!


A Prize Symbol will print on the MEGA MILLIONS with Megaplier ticket and the $15 Cash Prize Coupon will automatically print following the ticket. The Cash Prize Coupon can be redeemed at any authorized Florida Lottery retailer.

The promotion will end after all 20,000 instant win prizes are awarded.

Since joining the multi-state MEGA MILLIONS game in 2013, Florida has sold more than 52.2 million winning tickets totaling more than $695.6 million in prizes. Additionally, the game has generated more than $583 million for Florida students and schools.

The next MEGA MILLIONS drawing will be held tonight, June 23, at 10:59 p.m. ET, with an estimated $35 million jackpot. MEGA MILLIONS drawings are broadcast on 17 carrier stations throughout the state.

Drawings are also available for viewing on the Florida Lottery’s YouTube channel, Winning numbers can be found at retailers statewide, on the Lottery’s website, and by phone at (850) 921-PLAY.


The Florida Lottery is responsible for contributing more than $37 billion to education and sending more than 840,000 students to college through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

The Florida Lottery reinvests 98 percent of its revenue back into Florida’s economy through prize payouts, commissions to more than 13,000 Florida retailers and contributions to education.

Since 1988, Florida Lottery games have paid more than $69 billion in prizes and made more than 3,000 people millionaires. For more information, please visit

SOURCE: The Florida Lottery.


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Global Lottery Monitoring System Launch Operational Hub on the American Continent

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (June 23, 2020) -- The President of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), Ludovico Calvi, is pleased to announce the official opening of the new GLMS Operational Hub at the Loto Quebec premises in Montreal - Canada.

GLMS and Loto Quebec have consolidated their strong co-operation by setting up an operational hub at the Lottery’s premises with the objective being to analyse detect, prevent, and report irregular and suspicious betting activities that could threaten the integrity of sport competitions. GLMS' main goal is to provide high quality information and intelligence through a peerless monitoring system supplemented by an extended human analysis targeting North American jurisdictions.

GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi states: “with the recent sport betting deregulation and legalisation process in North America and the official opening of the GLMS Operational Hub at Loto Quebec's premises in Montreal, our association is completing its full globalisation process. Loto Quebec has been a very active GLMS member in recent years and we value the standards of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental consciousness and awareness raising of issues including problem gambling and integrity for sports. GLMS is a stronger organisation today with a distinctive – glocal approach - leveraging on truly global operations and local intelligence and expertise”.

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Sports Betting Director at Loto-Quebec, Louis Beaudet, states: “The safeguard of sports integrity should be a priority for all sports betting operators. Loto-Quebec is proud to contribute to GLMS’ mission as we share the same core values. It is truly an honour to host the third GLMS hub and be able to directly contribute to its success.

GLMS’ Canadian operational hub will be targeting primarily North American jurisdictions and sports. GLMS thus becomes a true monitoring and intelligence alliance of global operations and local know how and capabilities, comprising sports betting operators from all parts of the globe.

This is the third in a series of hubs that were launched in other parts of the world (Denmark and Hong Kong) and will further contribute to the accomplishment of the key mission for GLMS, making it ever more credible and effective to all its stakeholders, including law enforcement authorities worldwide, the Council of Europe (& its Group of Copenhagen), the Olympic and sport movement, and last but not least, its members, counting over 30 lotteries and 5 associate members worldwide.


GLMS is the state lotteries’ mutualized monitoring system on sports betting. It aims at detecting and analyzing suspicious betting activities that could question the integrity of a sport competition. Building on six years of experience with the establishment in 2009 of ELMS with European Lotteries, GLMS went global in January 2015 extending the network to other continents. GLMS facilitates the sharing of sports betting information as part of the collective efforts of its members in ensuring sports integrity globally and is dedicated to effective cooperation with all key stakeholders: regulators, law enforcement authorities, sports organizations.


Loto-Québec is a GLMS member and is Canada’s first lottery corporation, and North America’s third. Since its creation 50 years ago, Loto-Québec’s mission has been to responsibly and efficiently manage games of chance in a controlled and measured fashion in the interest of all Quebecers. This government-owned corporation offers Quebecers first-rate entertainment thanks to an appealing, innovative and competitive offering, while remaining a recognized world leader for responsible commercialization.

GLMS currently has 39 international and national members from 4 continents and 3 operational hubs across Asia, America and Europe.

SOURCE: Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS).


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Peter Christensen Appointed Chairman of the Board of Danske Spil A/S

DENMARK (June 22, 2020) -- CFO and ff. Minister of Taxation and Defense Peter Christensen has been appointed by the Minister of Finance as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Danske Spil A / S. Peter Christensen takes over the baton after Peter Gæmelke, who has been chairman since 2011.

Apart from experience from the private sector as well as many years of experience from the political system, Peter Christensen also has knowledge of the gaming market from his post as chairman of the board of directors of Det Danske Klasselotteri A / S.

"I am very proud of the confidence that the Minister of Finance has shown me, and I look forward to contributing to Danske Spils' further journey. It is a great privilege to help secure the financial foundation throughout Denmark's sports and association life, which I personally, I have felt the value of being both child and young. In addition, it is very important to me that games of money remain the entertainment it should be. Danske Spil has an important social role in continuing to ensure a balanced and responsible gaming market in Denmark ", Peter Christensen pronounces and continues:

"We must prevent ludomania and protect our young people so that the game does not take power and end in addiction, and also ensure that games are not abused for crime such as money laundering. Danish Games must set the standard for responsible gaming in Denmark."

Peter Christensen will, by agreement with the owners, resign from the board of the Danish Class Lottery during the second half of 2020.

Peter Christensens CV

SOURCE: Danske Spil A/S.


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Dutch Association Endorses EGBA’s New Data Protection Code

Speel Verantwoord becomes first industry group to endorse EGBA’s new code of conduct on data protection and will promote the code to online gambling companies in the Netherlands.

BRUSSELS /AMSTERDAM (June 24, 2020) – The Dutch online gambling association (Speel Verantwoord) has today officially endorsed EGBA’s new pan-European code of conduct on data protection for the online gambling sector.

The Code of Conduct on Data Protection in Online Gambling sets long-term data protection standards for Europe’s online gambling sector and is intended to complement and reinforce the sector’s compliance with the GDPR. The code is part of EGBA’s wider efforts to drive standards in the online gambling sector and is in accordance with the GDPR, which encourages the use of sector-specific codes to support the proper application of its provisions.


Speel Verantwoord is the first national gambling association to publicly endorse the code and it will now promote the code to its members and encourage other gambling companies in the Netherlands to sign up to it. Upon its approval by Europe’s data protection authorities, the code will apply to EGBA members and other online gambling companies who sign up to it, and its application will be monitored by an independent third party.

We’re very pleased with the support of Speel Verantwoord and its commitment to protecting the personal data of Dutch customers. We’re also pleased to be one of Europe’s first digital sectors to introduce a self-regulatory code for data protection which supports compliance with GDPR. This code will ensure that customers understand how their personal data is being used and provides important guidance on how companies should use personal data in their interactions with customers, including how they identify and address problem gambling behavior,” Maarten Haijer, Secretary General, EGBA.

Speel Verantwoord applauds EGBA for its ground-breaking initiative. Data protection is of an ever-increasing importance, especially in the online gambling industry. We therefore endorse this code and join EGBA wholeheartedly it its endeavours to protect player’s personal data whilst at the same time enabling operators to handle privacy sensitive information to the best interest of their customers and ensuring data is kept safe and uncompromised. This code can serve as a good supplement to local Dutch GDPR requirements and it will increase trust that players will have in their operator of choice,” Peter-Paul De Goeij, Managing Director, Speel Verantwoord.

About Speel Verantwoord

Speel Verantwoord foundation is the trade organisation for and advocate of online gambling providers who bet on a safe and responsible online gambling offer in the Netherlands. More information:

About European Gaming and Betting Association

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is the Brussels-based trade association representing the leading online gaming and betting operators established, licensed and regulated within the EU. More information:

SOURCE: European Gaming and Betting Association.


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Bigger Jackpots Coming to Jersey Cash 5

Big Changes Include $100,000 Starting Jackpots, Later Drawings Give More Time to Get in the Game

TRENTON, NJ (June 24, 2020) – The New Jersey Lottery is refreshing Jersey Cash 5 starting June 29 with a new draw time, more numbers to choose from, and bigger starting jackpots – increasing from an estimated $75,000 to a guaranteed $100,000!

In the enhanced Jersey Cash 5 game, players will select five numbers from 1 to 45 for a chance at the new higher jackpot pool. Currently, players choose five numbers from 1 to 43.

Additionally, the New Jersey Lottery evening drawings are moving from 7:57 p.m. to 10:57 p.m. daily. New Jersey Lottery Executive Director James Carey announced that starting June 29 Jersey Cash 5 will be drawn later in the evening, alongside Pick-3, Pick-4, and Pick-6, to allow players more time and opportunity to get their tickets for their favorite games.

The new numbers matrix allows the New Jersey Lottery to offer bigger, guaranteed, jackpots to our loyal Jersey Cash 5 players,” said Executive Director Carey. “In 2019, we awarded jackpot prizes to more than 150 winners. With this change, we will still be able to award plenty of jackpots to players in the Garden State while ensuring the jackpots start bigger and climb faster.”

Evening drawings can now be watched from anywhere. Midday and evening drawings can be watched live on the Lottery’s Facebook page or at While drawings will no longer air on WPIX-11 and WPHL-17, they will still be videotaped with independent auditors on site for each drawing. Mega Millions and Powerball drawings will still be aired on WABC-TV and WTXF stations.

For more information on odds and prizes, visit our website.

SOURCE: New Jersey Lottery.




Florida Lottery Receives Financial Reporting Award for the Third Consecutive Year

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (June 25, 2020) – Today, the Florida Lottery is pleased to announce its Division of Accounting has received the Government Finance Officers Association’s (GFOA) Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its 2018-19 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.


This marks the third consecutive year that the Lottery has received this esteemed award.

The GFOA award is the highest form of recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting and is awarded to entities who go above and beyond the minimum requirements of generally accepted accounting principles, indicating a spirit of transparency and full disclosure.

Its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management.

The Lottery’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report was judged by an impartial panel to meet the high standards of the program, which includes demonstrating a constructive “spirit of full disclosure” to clearly communicate its financial story


The Florida Lottery is responsible for contributing more than $37 billion to education and sending more than 840,000 students to college through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

The Florida Lottery reinvests 98 percent of its revenue back into Florida's economy through prize payouts, commissions to more than 13,000 Florida retailers and transfers to education.

Since 1988, Florida Lottery games have paid more than $69 billion in prizes and made more than 3,000 people millionaires. For more information, please visit

SOURCE: Florida Lottery.


G2E Asia 2020


There’s a Murder to be Solved in NetEnt’s Latest Release Cash Noire™

Supplier’s famous avalanche mechanic returns for another thrilling slot experience packed with mystery

SWEDEN (June 24, 2020) -- NetEnt is taking players to the criminal underworld in its new release, Cash Noire ™, where solving the case of the curious Green Ace murders will result in big rewards.

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Set in the crime-ridden streets of San Cayetano, the 5-reel, 4-row game brings back the player-favourite proprietary Avalanche™ feature pioneered with Gonzo’s Quest™ with a new, engaging twist.

The popular mechanic creates fresh chances to win as symbols that form winning combinations disappear and are replaced by falling symbols, while mystery symbols that transform into random symbols make way for even bigger payouts.

The Free Spins round, triggered by collecting clues, adds to the slot’s excitement as players chase down a prime suspect through the street map to potentially unlock progressive multipliers.

In addition to its expansive set of features, Cash Noire™ offers an RTP of 96.06% as well as 1024 betways to maximise player anticipation.

“Cash Noire™ is a mechanically thrilling game set against the backdrop of a murder mystery that will leave players on the edge of their seats,” said Andy Whitworth, NetEnt Chief Commercial Officer. “With the return of Avalanche™ and a strong feature set which ramps up to solve the crime, the gameplay has huge engagement and retention potential and we look forward to it being enjoyed by a wide variety of players.”

For additional information please contact:

About NetEnt AB

NetEnt AB (publ) is a leading digital entertainment company, providing premium gaming solutions to the world’s most successful online casino operators. Visit to try our games. Since its inception in 1996, NetEnt has been a true pioneer in driving the market with thrilling games powered by their cutting-edge platform. With innovation at its core, NetEnt is committed to helping customers stay ahead of the competition. NetEnt is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (NET-B), employs 900 people and has offices in Stockholm, Malta, Kiev, Gothenburg, New Jersey, Krakow and Gibraltar.



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Glendale Couple Claims $410 Million Mega Millions® Lottery Jackpot

Decades of consistent play results in record Arizona Lottery win

PHOENIX, AZ (June 18, 2020) – A married couple in Glendale, Arizona, is taking home close to a quarter of a billion dollars, choosing the lump-sum cash option for their jackpot-winning Mega Millions ticket.

The $410 million winning ticket was sold at a Circle K, located at 20203 N. 67th Ave. in Glendale. The cash option is worth $319.9 million, less approximately $76.8 million in federal taxes and $15.3 million to the state of Arizona, for an estimated payout of $227.8 million to these lucky players. The couple is choosing to remain permanently anonymous, under a state law enacted last year.


The multi-draw ticket, sold on May 27, matched all six numbers in the Tuesday, June 9 Mega Millions drawing, winning the 11th largest jackpot in the game’s history and the largest single payout to any Arizona Lottery player ever! Circle K, our valued retail partner, is also receiving a $50,000 sales incentive from the Arizona Lottery for selling the winning ticket, which they have pledged to donate to their charity of choice, United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona.

We are so excited to see this couple claim our first-ever Mega Millions jackpot,” said Gregg Edgar, Arizona Lottery Executive Director. “The Arizona Lottery is all about doing more good in our state and making dreams come true for our players. I’m sure this amazing prize will go a long way toward helping make this couple’s dreams a reality and inspiring many other Arizonans to dream bigger while doing good for Arizona.

Though this Glendale couple wants to remain anonymous, they are happy to share their winning story. He is 70, and she is 63, and they have been playing the lottery regularly for the past 38 years. They chose their own numbers, based on family birthdays. “My birthday is next month, and my left hand had been itching for two weeks, which meant money was coming my way,” she says. “I also found a shiny new heads-up penny just before I bought our tickets, so I just knew I’d be lucky.”

She says that, when she checked her numbers and saw that she had won, she began yelling, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!”, and ran through the house to tell her husband, who says he still can’t believe they won.

It’s an amazing feeling, and this is proof that you can’t win if you don’t play,” he says. “I feel lighter now and it’s incredible to know that there will never be another bill that I can’t pay.” He says they always looked at their lottery play like another bill for their entertainment, “You can’t take it with you so you might as well have fun.

Now that they’ve won, the couple plans to pay off their mortgage, set aside enough money to provide for their children and grandchildren, and invest and enjoy the rest.

AZ $410 Mega Millions Jackpot Winner

Though this win is enormous, it is just one of thousands of Arizona Lottery wins that are paid out to our players every week with our instant and draw games, our second chance Players Club (available for free on the iTunes® App Store and Google Play™) promotions, and our regular Facebook livestreams where no purchase is necessary to tune in and win!

It’s also important to remember that this lucky couple is not the only winner, as every Arizona Lottery ticket sold helps fund more than a dozen vital programs across the state, including health, housing and job assistance for the homeless; support for Arizona’s foster children; funding to nurture and grow our state’s economy in a pandemic-challenged environment; and monies to augment efforts to preserve and protect Arizona’s iconic wildlife and habitats.

Arizona Lottery tickets are available at over 3,000 retail locations across the state. Players have 180 days to redeem their winning tickets and must sign the back of their winning tickets to ensure that no one else can claim their prize. Winners should consult with a financial advisor before claiming their prize.

About Arizona Lottery

Since 1981, the Arizona Lottery and its retail partners have generated more than $4.3 billion in net funding in support of programs that help to improve the quality of life for the people of Arizona. Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales fund programs in higher education, economic development, environmental conservation and health and human services. The mission is to support Arizona programs for the public benefit by maximizing net revenue in a responsible manner. Learn more at

CONTACT: John Turner Gilliland, E:

SOURCE: Arizona Lottery.




Atlético-MG Announce INTRALOT as New Sponsor

BRAZIL (June 18, 2020) -- Atlético' sponsorship manager, Pedro Melo, highlights the strength of the club's digital area. “Atlético has been doing a remarkable job on their social networks, with very positive numbers of engagement, which makes them a very interesting channel for relationships with the fans. INTRALOT realized this and is coming to be our partner in this digital universe,” he says.


INTRALOT, present in the five continents, develops complete solutions related to the creation, development, operation and support of betting games, applying cutting edge technology.

Founded in 1992 and with a global turnover of more than 1 billion euros per year, the company guarantees its customers a solid and reliable partnership.

The distributed award is one of the reasons that explains the good performance of the games. Of the total collected, at least 60% goes to prizes.

With its own headquarters in Brazil since 2008, INTRALOT consolidated its presence in Latin America by signing a contract with the Lottery of the State of Minas Gerais, whose position stands out in the Brazilian gaming scene, with almost 100 years of tradition in social investment in programs incentive to sport, education, health and development across the state.

INTRALOT's subsidiary, INTRALOT Brasil, started operating with Loteria Mineira in 2010, with the launch of its first game, Keno Minas.

Then the partnership gave space to new games: Multplix, Minas 5, Totolot, Totogol and Speed Race.

All of them are available in more than 2,500 lottery terminals located in several points of sale in the State of Minas Gerais.





Florida Lottery Warns of Scam Targeting Elderly in South Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (June 19, 2020) – The Florida Lottery is warning citizens of a Lottery scam targeting the elderly making its rounds in south Florida in which scammers are asking residents for help claiming a ‘winning’ ticket.

The scammers are claiming that they’ve won a Lottery prize but are unable to collect it because they are not a U.S. citizen, so they ask the victim to claim the prize for them, promising a share of the winnings. The victim is then instructed to call a claim number on the back of the ‘winning’ ticket; the claim number, however, does not connect to the Florida Lottery but rather to the scammer’s accomplice who is posing as an official Lottery representative.

Pollard Banner

The scammer tells the victim they must pay a fee and/or taxes in order to claim the prize, reassuring the victim that they will get double or triple what they’ve spent when they go in to claim the prize. Once the scammers have obtained the money or personal financial information, they disappear.

The Florida Lottery will never require a winner to pay a fee in order to claim a prize and will never ask for personal financial information over the phone. Residents are urged to follow the important tips below to avoid being scammed:

  • NEVER pay money to collect a prize.
  • NEVER give your credit card number(s) or personal information over the telephone to anyone promising Lottery cash prizes or memberships.
  • NEVER redeem a Lottery ticket for a stranger.
  • You DO NOT need to be a U.S. citizen to claim a Florida Lottery prize.


For more information and to find other tips to protect yourself, please visit To report a lottery scam, consumers should contact the Florida Lottery’s Division of Security at (850) 487-7730 or their local law enforcement.


The Florida Lottery is responsible for contributing more than $37 billion to education and sending more than 840,000 students to college through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. The Florida Lottery reinvests 98 percent of its revenue back into Florida's economy through prize payouts, commissions to more than 13,000 Florida retailers and transfers to education. Since 1988, Florida Lottery games have paid more than $69 billion in prizes and made more than 3,000 people millionaires. For more information, please visit

SOURCE: Florida Lottery.


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Nominations Are Now Being Accepted for KYCPG’s Arch L. Gleason Industry Award for Responsible Gambling Leadership


KENTUCKY (June 20, 2020) -- Nominations for the annual Arch L. Gleason Award for Responsible Gambling Leadership now are being accepted by the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling (KYCPG). The Gleason Award honors gambling industry executives for commitment to and leadership of responsible gambling actions in their business and with their industry.

Nomination applications can be downloaded from the KYCPG website, (click on Gleason Award PDF), or can be obtained by sending an e-mail to KYCPG Executive Director Michael R. Stone,

Questions can be directed to Stone by e-mail or by calling 502-223-1823.

The 2020 Gleason Award was presented to Chip Polston, Vice President of Communications, Public Relations and Social Responsibility, Kentucky Lottery Corporation. Previous recipients were Alice Garland, Executive Director, North Carolina Education Lottery, in 2018, and Thomas Meeker, retired President and CEO of Churchill Downs, Inc., in 2017.

The Gleason Award winner will be honored at the 2021 KYCPG 24th Annual Educational and Awareness Conference in Owensboro, Ky., March 2021. The recipient receives travel, housing and conference registration, and presents the conference keynote address.



Arch Gleason was one of the first lottery directors in North America to recognize the need to help players struggling with gambling problems. For many years, problem gambling was the elephant in the room for gaming operations – no one wanted to talk about it, let alone acknowledge it.

Through Arch’s actions, the issue came to the forefront of the industry not just in a state and national venue, but across the world as well. As the 23-year president and CEO of the Kentucky Lottery Corporation, Gleason worked to establish the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling (KYCPG), the state’s National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) affiliate. He championed many initiatives for the cause through the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (the trade organization for all North American lottery organizations) during his tenure.

Arch’s crowning achievement in the field was his work to establish the World Lottery Association’s responsible gambling certification program during his term as the group’s president. This became the first-ever responsible gambling program implemented on a global basis, taking the cause into corners of the globe that had never previously addressed the issue.



The Gleason Award exists to recognize someone not only for his or her commitment to responsible gambling, but also – much like Arch – who has demonstrated the ability to successfully manage a gaming enterprise in a socially responsible manner. While ideally the recipient will be at the senior management level, nominees can be anywhere on the corporate ladder of a gaming entity. They will embody the concept of being able to profitably operate a gambling company while incorporating responsible gambling principles across all aspects of the business.

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Judging for the award will be conducted by the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling’s awards subcommittee. It will be based on information submitted on the application. This will not be an annual award – while submissions will be sought every year, the award will only be given when an applicant is deemed a worthy recipient through the application process.



The honoree will commit to serve as the keynote speaker for the KYCPG’s annual conference. He or she will be expected to share the organization’s responsible gambling story, successes and lessons learned. To accomplish this, the honoree will be given airfare within the continental United States to the site of the KYCPG’s annual conference, and will be provided accommodations in the official conference hotel. A written version of the keynote address will be shared publicly via the KYCPG website.



  • June 1 – Award submission period starts and will be promoted through various gambling industry trade publications.
  • August 31 – Award submission period closes and applications are shared with members of the KYCPG awards committee.
  • September – nominations reviewed, and (if applicable) award recipient chosen. Recipient is notified, and travel arrangements procured.
  • October 1 -- Award recipient announced with media advisory.
  • November 1 -- Annual conference agenda released.
  • March – keynote address and award presentation.


Please contact KYCPG Executive Director Mike Stone for further information.

Phone: 502/223-1823; E-mail:


SOURCE: Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling (KYCPG).


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‘It Could Be You’ – New National Lottery Ad Campaign from Camelot Lets Nation Know That It Still Could Be Them

New campaign reimagines iconic ‘it could be you’ strapline with giant lotto balls to remind the nation that anyone has the chance to win

U.K. (June 18, 2020) -- Camelot is launching a brand new National Lottery advertising campaign for its flagship Lotto game to remind players that ‘It Could Be You’. Taking its inspiration from the original National Lottery campaign of the same name and, with the help of oversized lottery balls, it aims to tell the nation that their numbers are coming for them.

Running across TV, Radio (including Spotify), Digital and OOH, the campaign launches on Friday (19 June) with 30” spots during the Premier League match between Tottenham v Man Utd, and with further spots planned during Bake Off the Professionals, Vera, Celebrity Chase, Love Island Australia and the Premier League match between Everton v Liverpool.

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Closing with the famous line ‘It Could Be You’, the TV advert features giant Lotto balls rolling into action – travelling the length and breadth of the UK to seek out National Lottery winners, who are surprised to discover that it is them. This includes a dog-walker who is serenaded by the colourful Lotto balls, and unsuspecting builders who see them bouncing around their site.

The campaign will also run nationwide across radio, including Spotify – very much taking ‘It Could Be You’ into the 21st century – and, in a first for Camelot, will feature personalised scripts for different music genres. Certain Spotify listeners of Hip Hop, Pop and Rock playlists will hear bespoke ‘It Could Be You’ adverts.

Keith Moor, Chief Marketing Officer at Camelot, said: “Our new ad campaign for Lotto is inspired by the iconic tagline that sums up what playing The National Lottery is about – anyone who buys a Lotto ticket has the chance to win, so it really could be you.”

Capturing the imagination of the nation, ‘It Could Be You’ still resonates with players today. This time around, we’ve brought it in line with our wider ‘Your numbers make amazing happen’ brand campaign – that’s why, instead of a pointing finger selecting winners, we have giant Lotto balls tracking down lucky players.

 “We’re also tailoring content on Spotify to three different listening audiences, which is something we haven’t done before – so we’re excited to see the results of that.”

All in all, we’re thrilled to be recapturing a much-loved National Lottery campaign and bringing a bit of fun to TV screens across the UK. It will help to ensure we continue to raise more than £30M each and every week for Good Causes projects across the UK – which is even more important in the current climate.”

The TV ad was created by adam&eveDDB, with media planning and buying done by Vizeum. To celebrate the new campaign, a special £15 million Lotto ‘Must Be Won’ draw will take place on Saturday, 27 June

For further information, please CONTACT: Camelot Press Office: T: 020 7632 5711.

SOURCE: Camelot Group Co. UK, (




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