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Vol. 89 No.7 - Monday November 18, 2019




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Luis Gama Re-elected as President of CIBELAE


Luis Gama


COSTA RICA (November 9, 2019) -- The head of the National Directorate of Lotteries and Quinielas of Uruguay (DNLQ), Luis Gama, was re-elected as president for the period 2019-2021 of the Ibero-American Corporation of Lotteries and State Appointments (CIBELAE), for which he will preside over his fourth term consecutive in that organism.

On these days the XVII Congress of the corporation was held in Costa Rica, during which the Board of Directors meeting was held, where with almost all of its members, the new authorities were appointed for the next period.

The Panama Charity Lottery was elected First Vice President, the ONCE of Spain will hold the position of Second Vice President, National Lottery of Bolivia, Selae of Spain, Santa Casa de Misericordia de Portugal, Pacque de Jeux De Polynesia (Philippines, and Lottery of Medellín they will occupy the position of Vowels.

The Social Protection Board of Costa Rica will occupy the position of Treasurer, and the General Secretariat was in charge of Conajzar of Paraguay.

Among other issues approved by the Assembly, the Social Protection Board of Costa Rica was designated as the Sub Headquarters of the Corporation.



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Florida Lottery Education Contributions Reach $36 Billion

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (November 11, 2019) -- The Florida Lottery announced today its latest transfer to the state’s Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF) has brought its life-to-date education contributions to $36 billion over the past 31 years. Since the Lottery’s inception, Florida’s public schools have received more than $11.6 billion, while colleges and universities have received a combined total of more than $8.4 billion. More than $6.2 billion has been used to fund the Bright Futures Scholarship Program, which has sent over 840,000 students to college since 1997.


We are incredibly proud to reach this milestone in contributions to education in Florida,” said Florida Lottery Chief of Staff Samantha Ferrin. “The Florida Lottery has remained steadfast in its commitment to helping students achieve their dreams, and that begins with an exceptional education. Since January, under Governor DeSantis’ leadership, we have transferred more than $1.5 billion to education. As we look towards the future, we will continue to help equip Florida’s students and schools with the tools needed to succeed.” 

The benefits of the Lottery continue to be felt in communities across the state. Since 1988, the Lottery has established itself as a committed and dependable funding source for public education, contributing more than $1 billion annually for the past 17 consecutive years while remaining one of the most efficiently operated lotteries in the country.


The Florida Lottery is responsible for contributing more than $36 billion to education and sending more than 840,000 students to college through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. The Florida Lottery reinvests 97 percent of its revenue back into Florida’s economy through prize payouts, commissions to more than 13,000 Florida retailers and transfers to education. Since 1988, Florida Lottery games have paid more than $65 billion in prizes and made more than 2,500 people millionaires. For more information, please visit:

CONTACT: Florida Lottery Communications, T: (850) 487-7727.

SOURCE: Florida Lottery.


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Neopollard Interactive Congratulates the North Carolina Education Lottery on the Successful Conversion of its Online Play and Player Loyalty Programs


LANSING, Michigan (November 8, 2019) -- NeoPollard Interactive LLC (“NeoPollard Interactive” or “NPi”)—a leading provider of online Lottery technology, managed services, and industry-leading interactive games—is proud to announce that NPi and the North Carolina Education Lottery (“Education Lottery” or “Lottery”) have successfully converted the Lottery’s Online Play and Player Loyalty Program (“PLP”) to NPi’s omnichannel digital engagement solution. Through a competitive procurement process, the Lottery awarded the contract to NPi with the initial term of the agreement extending to June 2024, and the option for five one-year renewals over the life of the contract.

The Education Lottery’s completely integrated solution from NPi will enhance its existing digital services by harnessing best of breed technology. This technology will include the NeoSphere player account management system, Pollard Banknote’s PlayON® player engagement platform, and a full-featured mobile application that will enable players to play certain lottery games, collect and redeem loyalty points, scan lottery tickets to check the winning status and/or enter promotions, access information about current lottery games, find a lottery retailer, and receive push notifications for jackpot alerts and promotional information. Beyond simple transactional rewards, the embedded PLP will also offer players dozens of different omnichannel engagement activities to earn loyalty points. With the combination of these leading technologies, the Lottery can provide a unified Online Play and PLP solution that gives players the opportunity to seamlessly engage across retail and online lottery experiences.


In addition to state-of-the-art technology, NPi will provide the Lottery with a full suite of Managed Services to support the Lottery’s Online Play and PLP. NPi’s Customer Engagement Marketing team will bring expert data-driven player insights and unified marketing-campaigns to drive player acquisition, conversion, and retention in support of broadening the Lottery’s player base and promoting player engagement. The Company’s world-class Customer Support Center and professional staff will also provide multi-channel customer service to optimize player experiences.

Mark Michalko, Executive Director of the N.C. Education Lottery, said the conversion to the new Online Play and Player Loyalty programs went exceptionally well given how complicated a task it was. He credited the success to the expertise and teamwork shown by the NPi team in working with the Lottery to quickly respond and resolve any conversion issues that arose.

NeoPollard Interactive’s technology and services provide the flexibility we need to meet the evolving needs of our players while maintaining the highest levels of security and integrity,” Michalko said. “Our mission is to continually maximize revenues year over year to raise money for education programs in North Carolina and we believe our partnership will help us to continue to achieve our goal.

We are extremely excited for the opportunity to partner with the Education Lottery  to bring a new online lottery experience to players enabled through NPi’s leading technology,” said Liz Siver, General Manager, NeoPollard Interactive. “We believe our proprietary solutions will fulfill our core promise to our customers, which is to deliver best-in-class solutions that meet players where they are.

The Education Lottery set a new record for lottery ticket sales in fiscal year 2019, recording $2.86 billion in sales. From those sales, the Lottery raised a record $709.2 million for education programs in North Carolina. Instant tickets, or scratch-offs, continued to be the lottery’s most popular product, generating $1.91 billion in sales, or 67% of revenue.

About NeoPollard Interactive

NeoPollard Interactive LLC is jointly owned by two of the world’s most trusted and reputable companies in lottery and internet gaming—Pollard Banknote Limited (“Pollard Banknote”) and NeoGames S.a.r.L. (“NeoGames”). Established in 2014, NPi combines the marketing expertise and extensive worldwide lottery experience of Pollard Banknote with the proven leadership and technology of NeoGames in launching new online and mobile gaming products and services in response to an ever-evolving marketplace. The Company leverages the strengths of each partner company to develop, implement, operate, and maintain innovative online gaming services for regulated lottery clients in order to generate revenues for good causes.

For more information about Neopollard Interactive CONTACT:


Doug Pollard

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: (204) 474-2323


Moti Malul

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: +972-3-6072571



SOURCE: Neopollard Interactive.


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Iowa Lottery Proceeds to State Causes Top $2 Billion

The Historic Threshold Was Just Reached This Fall

CLIVE, Iowa (November 7, 2019) -- A routine moment 34 years in the making has yielded an extraordinary impact this fall in Iowa. Sometime in October, a lottery player bought the ticket that pushed total Iowa Lottery proceeds to state causes past the $2 billion threshold.

Lottery executives noted the historic moment Thursday as the lottery continues to finalize its financials for the month of October. The preliminary figures show that since the Iowa Lottery's start in 1985, players have won $4.5 billion in prizes while more than $2 billion in proceeds has been raised for state programs. Lottery sales through the years total $7.9 billion.


Iowa Lottery CEO Matt Strawn thanked lottery players, retail partners, state policymakers and staff for ensuring lottery entertainment as a local option available in all 99 counties, one that is responsibly raising revenue for important state priorities.

"The beneficiaries of Iowa's lottery over its 34 years include our veterans, our students, and our downtown mainstreets to name just a few of the many vital state causes funded by Iowa Lottery revenue," said Strawn. "Key to delivering this $2 billion milestone to Iowans is the lottery's constant focus on operational integrity, development of fun and innovative products and community-minded retail partners."

It took about 21 year for Iowa Lottery proceeds to state causes to top the $1 billion mark, back in March 2006. Strawn noted that the lottery was able to add another $1 billion to that total in a shorter timeframe (about 13 years) for a few different reasons: The lottery has a much greater variety of products today than it did at its start when it only offered a game or two at a time; and the lottery's status as a state authority, enacted in 2004, has given it greater budget surety to respond to business opportunities.

Iowa Lottery Board Chair Mary Junge of Cedar Rapids emphasized the impact that lottery proceeds have made in Iowa.

"This new benchmark highlights that when you responsibly play the lottery, all of Iowa wins," she said. "Lottery purchases provide a benefit directly to Iowa."

Lottery profits have helped the state in a variety of ways through the years, including economic development efforts, environmental and cultural programs, and problem-gambling treatment.

Today, lottery proceeds in Iowa have four main purposes. They provide support for our state's veterans and their families through the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund; support through the Iowa Public Safety Survivor Benefits Fund for the family members of Iowa peace officers and fire fighters who die in the line of duty; help for a variety of significant projects through the state General Fund; and backing for the Vision Iowa program, which was implemented to create tourism destinations and community attractions in the state and build and repair schools.

As part of its efforts to highlight the impact of lottery proceeds in Iowa, the lottery worked with the Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs to produce a video highlighting the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund and the assistance it offers to veterans and their families. The video was released Thursday, just ahead of the Veterans Day holiday weekend. It can been seen here:



The biggest sales category for the Iowa Lottery through the years has remained instant-scratch tickets. A scratch game called "Scratch, Match and Win" was the first product offered for sale by the Iowa Lottery in 1985 and scratch games are still its biggest product category. Scratch games accounted for about 65 percent of total Iowa Lottery sales in fiscal year 2019, which ended June 30.

Iowa Lottery products currently are sold at about 2,400 retail locations and through the years, lottery sales have provided a total of more than $584 million in commission income to local businesses across the state.

"A big part of the fun of the lottery is knowing that you and your neighbors all have a chance of taking home a prize and that lottery purchases support the local businesses that are a backbone of their communities," Strawn said. "It only takes one ticket to win and you can have a lot of fun dreaming for just a dollar or two."

SOURCE: Iowa Lottery.


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Arizona Lottery Teams Up with U.S. Census Bureau to Ensure Every Arizonan is Counted in 2020

PHOENIX, Arizona (November 7, 2019) – Every 10 years, the United States Constitution requires a complete count of every man, woman and child living in the country to help determine everything from the number of senators and representatives in Congress to the level of funding for individual federal programs that touch our daily lives. This year, the Arizona Lottery is assisting the Census Bureau to accomplish that mission by advertising job openings for census takers and other positions in Arizona.

We at the Arizona Lottery understand how vital it is for every Arizonan to be counted in the 2020 Census,” said Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar. “Just as the Lottery is committed to doing good in Arizona by funding important programs that benefit us all, we are proud to help the Census Bureau hire hundreds of employees this year, driving our economy forward and ensuring Arizona gets every dollar due to our state.

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This year, the Arizona Lottery is assisting the U.S. Census Bureau’s hiring efforts by posting jobs messaging on more than 3,000 Lottery terminals in every licensed retailer across the state. U.S. Census Bureau Partnership Coordinator, Pauline Nunez credits those Arizona Lottery retail terminal monitor graphics with, “a significant increase in our applicant numbers.

"Arizona is committed to a successful 2020 Census and a critical part of this effort is those leading the count across our state," said Debbie Johnson, Chair of the Arizona Complete Count Committee. "The collaboration between Arizona Lottery and the U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting Arizonans directly in their communities to be part of our shared success next year."

The effort to hire census takers and other positions crucial to getting an accurate and complete count of all Arizonans continues and anyone interested in applying for one of these high-paying and fulfilling jobs can do so at

About Arizona Lottery

Since 1981, the Arizona Lottery and its retail partners have generated more than $4.2 billion in net funding in support of programs that help to improve the quality of life for the people of Arizona. Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales fund programs in higher education, economic development, environmental conservation and health and human services. The mission is to support Arizona programs for the public benefit by maximizing net revenue in a responsible manner. Learn more at

About The Census

The Census is the largest peacetime deployment of civil servants across the country. The Census officially begins on April 1, 2020 and for the first time ever, it will have an online option, which will make filling out the form safe, easy and secure for people living in Arizona.

 Arizona Lottery Media CONTACT: John Turner Gilliland, Public Information Officer, 480-921-4438 (w), 602-702-2758 (c) E:

U.S. Census Media CONTACT: Paula Diaz Soet, Media Specialist, T: 520-548-0802, E:

SOURCE: Arizona Lottery.


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V1 Group Grabs the Online Mobile Lottery Market

Permission to Market Mobile Sports Lottery Sales in Shandong Procures Possibilities to Reach New Heights in the Lottery Industry

HONG KONG, SAR (November 11, 2019) -- One of China's top 100 internet companies with a tri-core "Video+" business focus, V1 Group Limited ("V1 Group" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"; stock code: 00082.HK), is pleased to announce that its sports lottery new retail business has made new progress: The Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing Crazy Sports Management Company Limited ("Crazy Sports"), has entered into a China Sports Lottery Consignment Contract (the "Contract") with Shandong Province Sports Lottery Management Centre ("Shandong Sports Lottery Centre"). Pursuant to the Contract, Crazy Sports is authorised to install sports lottery terminals in the collaborated intelligent franchise stores in Shandong Province, and is permitted to launch the online mobile sports lottery sales business on behalf of the Shandong Sports Lottery Centre.

The Group is authorised, through the Contract, to launch and develop its offline sports lottery new retail business by installing terminals in partnering stores in Shandong, including shops of the convenience store chain Jiajiayue. According to the standards prescribed by the Shandong Sports Lottery Centre, the Group is also permitted to conduct marketing and sports lottery sales to online users of the Shandong Sports Lottery Centre. In other words, the Group has been granted permission by the Ministry of Finance of China to launch the online mobile sports lottery business in Shandong, which is of great significance to the Group's strategic development plan.

Lottery Insights December Issue
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The Company has already begun to accelerate the implementation of the business. The Company will initially commence trial of the business in seven intelligent franchise stores situated in Weihai, Shandong. It is expected that the renovation work and relevant installation of the sports lottery terminals will be completed in November 2019. The operation of the business and commence subsequently, and the online and offline marketing of Shandong lottery sales will begin simultaneously.

Earlier in the year, the Company announced that it has commenced commercial operation of its offline sports lottery new retail business. It has already signed with large convenience store chains such as 7-Eleven in Guangdong, Bianlifeng and Jiajiayue to install sports lottery terminals in intelligent franchise stores at over 5,000 locations all over China. At present, the Company has already obtained business operation approvals in five provinces and municipal cities in China, namely Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Chongqing and Guangdong, and business trials have commenced in over 100 intelligent franchise stores. The newly signed Shandong Province is officially approved and licensed by the Ministry of Finance of China to carry out the mobile sports lottery sales business. The launch of the business marks a significant breakthrough and holds considerable growth potential for the Company.

In 2015, the government suspended Internet lottery sales for the fifth time, which led to a slump for the whole Chinese Internet lottery industry. Yet, Shandong and Hainan became the only two provinces in the entire country that are permitted by the Ministry of Finance to conduct sales of sports lottery through the mobile network. Shandong is a large provincial market in terms of Chinese sports lottery sales. In 2018, its sports lottery revenue reached RMB25.2 billion, which ranked second among all provinces in the country. In comparison, the sports lottery revenue of Hainan in the same year was only RMB1.6 billion. Thus, it is clear that Shandong plays a pivotal role in the sports lottery sales business, which also reflects the potential scale of the online lottery business. The Group is privileged with its existing resources, including its cooperation with large convenience store enterprises such as Jiajiayue in Shandong Province to install sports lottery terminals, as well as its online user base of over 200 million people accumulated through Crazy Recommendation, Lottery 365 and China Soccer Lottery and other platforms. Coupled with the permission to launch the online mobile business in Shandong, the Group can truly actualise a closed-loop servicing ecosystem for online and offline users.

Dr. ZHANG Lijun, Chairman and Executive Director of V1 Group Limited, said, "As more intelligent lottery terminals are installed in chain stores across the country, we can further expand our offline lottery user base through a low cost, wide coverage business model, thus increasing our income from lottery sales. We believe that with our devotion in the sports lottery new retail business, we will be able to replicate our past glory in the lottery business, and thereby leading China's sports lottery industry to a new pinnacle!"

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The Chinese lottery market is a huge and rapidly growing market. In 2018, China's lottery sales revenue was over RMB500 billion, which was second only to the United States in the world. According to a research conducted in 2016, US citizens spent up to RMB1,700 on average, whereas the Chinese people spent only RMB280 on average. There is still great potential to the Chinese market. V1 Group has been cultivating China's lottery industry for many years. Since its entrance into the lottery sales business in 2009, it has been developing paperless lottery sales operations and has earned numerous achievements along the way. The continued maintenance and expansion of its online lottery user base allowed the Group to develop its sports lottery new retail business swiftly and smoothly. The Group's Lottery 365 app was the first mobile customer terminal to reach more than 100 million downloads in China; the China Soccer Lottery website has been in operation for over 18 years and is the long-term no.1 website on Baidu's search engine when users search for soccer lottery. The recently developed Crazy Recommendation app is the Group's new star product; it covers over 100 million sports platforms users and lottery players through its expert recommendations and paid knowledge services, of which many were also users of Crazy Sports' multiple sports gaming platforms. V1 Group has always led the development of China's lottery industry through continued devotion and innovation.

About V1 Group Limited

Founded in 2005, V1 Group Limited became a listed company on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006, and is the first China online video company to be listed in Hong Kong. The Group has a "Video+" business focus. Supported by 5G technology, it aims to build an ecosystem around news video community, sports video community and video new retail. In 2016, V1 Group successfully transformed from a new media enterprise into an internet-based new economy entity. Leveraging on its diverse business covering the media, connected living, internet financing, advanced internet technology as well as other sectors, the Group has become one of the top 100 internet companies in China. the Company made a full acquisition of Fengkuang Tiyu ("Crazy Sport") in 2018 to accelerate the construction of its "Video+" sports community business model, creating a strong overall revenue growth momentum for the Group.

For more information, please visit:

SOURCE: V1 Group.




A Painting of Rafael Illustrates the Christmas Draw Ticket

SPAIN (November 7, 2019) -- The Extraordinary Christmas Sweepstakes ticket from Spain is illustrated with the painting of 'La Virgen de la Rosa' or 'Sagrada Familia con san Juanito' by Rafael, one of the greatest artists of the high renaissance in Italy.


Christmas Ticket


As they explain on the website of the Prado Museum - where the painting is exposed - the work of the painter, designer and architect Rafael was transferred to canvas in the first half of the 19th century.

Their measurements were modified and the lower band with the rose that gives name to the work was added. In the painting you can see a sacred family with the baby Jesus in the arms of the Virgin Mary. In addition, Juan Bautista as a child also appears, offering Jesus an amulet.

State Lotteries and Betting selects since 1960 a artistic work with religious motive to illustrate the tenth of the Christmas Lottery, with the aim of spreading the culture related to the Catholic religion.

Once the illustration of the tenth is chosen, the State Lottery and State Betting Society (SELAE) sends it to the National Currency and Stamp Factory, which is responsible for printing. In the manufacture of the tenths of Christmas Lottery, which this year consists of 170 series of 100,000 tickets each, security is essential to avoid counterfeiting the ticket, as if it were paper money.





Skilrock Binds the Audience with Its Transformative Solutions at Cibelae Congress, Costa Rica


GURUGRAM, India (November 14, 2019) -- Skilrock is back from showcasing its revolutionary transformative solutions that perfectly map with the LATAM region, including paper lottery, at the recently held Cibelae Congress at Costa Rica. Modernization of paper lottery, digital transformation and tools for business focus on wholesome Customer Experience (CX) were in focus, in addition to Skilrock’s 4th generation platform that supports all channels and all genre of games.  The event was attended by many industry stalwarts including representation from national and provincial lotteries of LATAM region represented by CIBELAE.

Skilrock demonstrated at length its innovative solutions including rich contents and the 5th generation concepts involving ‘Games of the Future’ which are complemented by our Smart Retail solutions and virtual reality gaming content. We also displayed our ‘end-to-end’ full lifecycle management of scratch cards, Tablet-Based Games with the help of NFC Card and Paper Lottery Automation. Amongst all other key solutions, our Paper Lottery Automation grabbed a lot of interest from the respective delegates and was widely appreciated.

Mr. Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director at Skilrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd, commented “We are delighted to meet the CIBELAE members again in this wonderful setting. JPS did a wonderful job by hosting this great show in their great nation of Costa Rica. The show has been attended by record number of people from the industry that provided us the right backdrop to showcase the spread of our solutions.

The Visitors appreciated our position that we are an innovative and flexible solution provider who can meet their unique and exact needs. This understanding is embedded in our DNA as we fully understand the socio-economic settings in emerging economies and how to develop solutions that exactly fit such markets.”


Skilrock CIBELAE


About Skilrock Technologies

Skilrock Technologies is a leading technology solution provider for the lottery, gaming and payment industry with its R&D centres located at global IT hubs. It is the technology arm of $2 billion Sugal & Damani Group, who are leaders of Indian lottery & gaming operations. The complete Omni-Channel Gaming Platform of Skilrock serves Retail, iGaming & Self Service Channels with equal ease and at the same time supports a wide variety of games like Lotto, Keno, Bingo, Instant, Sports, Poker, Rummy, Casino and Slots. More than 200,000 retail touch points and over 5 million iGaming players across 25+ jurisdictions have been serviced by Skilrock.

CONTACT: Sourabh Goyal, Manager – Marketing & Sales, Office: +91 124 4193500, Mobile: +91 88 2631 5550, Email:

SOURCE:  Skilrock Technologies (




GLMS President Addresses Latin American Lotteries and stakeholders at the 17th CIBELAE Congress

COSTA RICA (November 8, 2019) -- GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi, acted as a speaker at the 17th CIBELAE Congress, which took place from November 6 – 8, 2019 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Addressing the Latin American Lottery Community, Ludovico Calvi presented the mission and vision of GLMS and urged Latin American Lotteries to join the GLMS, showing their commitment to the safeguard of sport ethics, fully in line with their core lottery values.

Ludovico presented the benefits of the GLMS membership, emphasizing the value of the education and prevention tools, which GLMS makes available to its members and can help Lotteries strengthen their relations with their national sports and law enforcement stakeholders.

GLI 300x250

At the same time, he underlined the importance of the GLMS Code of Conduct, which can be used by Lotteries as a clear and concrete reference for developing a responsible and sustainable sports betting operations.

Ludovico finally introduced to the Latin American Lottery Community the basic provisions of the Council of Europe Convention on Sport Competition Manipulations, calling upon them to work with their governments to sign and ratify the Convention, following its official entry into force on 1 September. Ludovico also underlined the importance of national platforms (as per article 13 of the Convention) as a national cooperation framework against sport competition manipulations and after briefly explaining the structure of some national platforms, which have been already set-up, called upon Latin American Lotteries to mobilize their states, sports and law enforcement stakeholders in their countries towards the creation of an effective national platform.

After the event, Ludovico Calvi, stated: “I would like to thank and congratulate CIBELAE for the excellent organization of the Congress, which gave the opportunity to the lottery community in the region to discuss key topics. The integrity of sports is indeed one of the most significant issues that the lottery community has to deal with nowadays and I would like to reiterate the significance for Lotteries in the region to join our GLMS family, helping us to further strengthen the “glocal” dimension of our intelligence work and show their solidarity to the 32 Lotteries across the globe, which have joined forces to prevent sport from being infiltrated by criminal activity”.


• Giancarlo Sergi, GLMS General Secretary:

• Evangelos Alexandrakis, GLMS Deputy General Secretary,


About GLMS

GLMS is the state lotteries’ mutualized monitoring system on sports betting. It aims at detecting and analyzing suspicious betting activities that could question the integrity of a sport competition.

Building on six years of experience with the establishment in 2009 of ELMS with European Lotteries, GLMS went global in January 2015 extending the network to other continents. GLMS facilitates the sharing of sports betting information as part of the collective efforts of its members in ensuring sports integrity globally, and is dedicated to effective cooperation with all key stakeholders: regulators, law enforcement authorities, sports organizations.

GLMS currently has 32 individual Members from 4 continents (Österreichische Lotterien - Austria,  Loterie Nationale – Belgium, Hrvatska Lutrija – Croatia, SAZKA – Czech Republic, Danske Spil – Denmark, Veikkaus – Finland, La Française Des Jeux – France,  Staatliche Loterieverwaltung in Bayern – Germany, Opap SA – Greece,  Szerencsejatek – Hungary, Islenk Getspa – Iceland,  Israel Sports Betting Board  - Israel, Lottomatica – Italy, Sisal – Italy,   Maltco Lotteries Ltd – Malta, Norsk Tipping – Norway,  Santa Casa De Misericordia da Lisboa – Portugal,   STOLOTO – Russia, Sportna Loterija – Slovenia,  Svenska Spel – Sweden,   Loterie Romande – Switzerland, Swisslos – Switzerland,  Nederlandse Loterij, the Netherlands,  Hong Kong Jockey Club – Hong Kong, Singapore Pools – Singapore,  Ktoto Co – South Korea, China Sports Lottery – China, Loto-Québec- Canada,  Polla Chilena de Beneficencia – Chile, Banca de Quinielas de Montevideo – Uruguay, La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports, Morocco,  Loterie Nationale du Sénégal – Senegal) and 2 collective Members (European Lotteries Association and World Lottery Association).

GLMS has 3 associate Members: Scientific Games International (SGI), INTRALOT and IGT

SOURCE: Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS).


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BCLC Completes GameSense Advisor Expansion to Every B.C. Casino and Community Gaming Centre

VANCOUVER, BC, Canada (November 8, 2019) -- BCLC has completed its expansion of the GameSense Advisor (GSA) program to every casino and community centre in B.C.

GSAs are a key component of BCLC’s player-health strategy, focused on supporting casino players with informed decision-making and positive play. Last year alone, GSAs had more than 67,000 interactions with players, helping them to make informed choices about gambling and connecting them to available support resources if they feel they need help.


BCLC assumed responsibility for the GSA program in the spring of 2018 and has fulfilled its commitment to the Province of B.C. to ensure that all casinos and community gaming centres across 35 communities have a GSA by fall 2019. Previously, they were in place at B.C. casinos only.

“Our government has made significant investments to assist those at risk of gambling addiction,” said Attorney General David Eby. “This expansion means people throughout B.C. can now seek support and share their questions and concerns about gambling with GameSense Advisors in their local gaming facilities.

These conversations can be life changing and I hope British Columbians will take advantage of this important service available to them.”

In addition to the expanded GSA presence, BCLC is investing in new GameSense Information Centres, which are welcoming spaces that encourage players to visit and learn more about how the games work, talk with a GSA or just take a break.

The health of our players is an important focus for our company and our industry overall,” said BCLC Interim President and CEO Greg Moore. “The GameSense Advisor program is a key component of our overall strategy to encourage healthy play and make our products, environments and services safer for players.

Research suggests that 80 per cent of patrons who interacted with a Game Sense Advisor report feeling more informed about player health information, such as when to take breaks.

Player health is a key strategic priority for BCLC. GameSense is the cornerstone for engaging and informing players, while removing stigma that may be associated with accessing responsible and problem gambling resources.

For more information visit:

SOURCE: British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC).


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LOTTO Bayern and FC Augsburg Extend Their Partnership

LOTTO Bayern remains an exclusive partner of FC Augsburg for another two years


MUNICH, Germany (November 13, 2019) -- LOTTO Bayern and FC Augsburg have extended their 20-year partnership for the next two seasons. LOTTO Bayern remains the football Bundesliga until the end of the season 2020/21 as an exclusive partner.

Lagardère Sports, responsible for marketing at FC Augsburg, has brokered the renewed continuation of the long-standing partnership. It includes TV-relevant advertising services, such as the presence on all press resetting and videotapes, ads in the stadium magazine as well as promotions at Bundesliga home games of the FCA, including the own company box, the "LOTTO Bayern - VIP-Trip" and presenting the prediction game in the Mobile app that all FCA fans can attend.


"FC Augsburg is now an integral part of the Bundesliga for the ninth consecutive year, so it is not only a major economic factor for the Fuggerstadt and the Swabian region, but also gives Augsburg and its fans pride and great emotions, and we want to continue this partnership contribute to ensuring that this remains the case in the coming years, "emphasizes Minister of State Albert Füracker, whose portfolio also includes LOTTO Bayern.

"We are and will continue to be a reliable partner to the sport. The partnership with FC Augsburg is part of this commitment and I am very pleased to have with FC Augsburg a significant, traditional club at the side, which has firmly established itself as a Bavarian club in the Football House of Lords. We wish FC Augsburg all the best and much success for the season we have started, "emphasizes Friederike Sturm, President of LOTTO Bayern, on the extension of the cooperation.

"We greatly appreciate the many years of intensive support and are pleased that LOTTO Bayern will continue to be part of our sponsoring family. In our daily lives together, we see LOTTO Bayern's partnership, for example with the great support we received at our annual Casino Night, whose proceeds benefit 100% of our junior work. Of course, we will do our best to be a good partner for LOTTO Bayern, "adds FCA CEO Michael Ströll.

Simon Wortmann from the Lagardère Sports team adds: "In addition to mutual appreciation, the partnership between LOTTO Bayern and FC Augsburg also impresses with targeted communication. LOTTO Bayern has a large and important target group in the football fans and can appeal to and serve them via FC Augsburg with attractive tools and actions. "

CONTACTL Oliver AlbrechtTelephone number: +49 89 28655-586E- Email:



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Svenska Spel Distributes Over 50 Million SEK to Grassroots Sport in Sweden

VISBY, Sweden (November 13, 2019) -- Today Svenska Spel distributes over 50 million SEK to the youth sport in Sweden via the Gräsroten. In total, over half a million Swedes have distributed the money to 8,556 associations in 71 sports. The sport that gets the most money is football at SEK 29,926,621, followed by the hockey at SEK 5,838,537. Among associations, Hammarby IF receives the most, SEK 1,558,815, followed by Djurgårdens IF FF of SEK 1,272,457 and AIK FF of SEK 1,248,638.

Hi youth sports! We at Svenska Spel always look forward to this time of year, when we, through the Gräsroten, distribute more than SEK 50 million to youth sports,” says Patrik Hofbauer, CEO of Svenska Spel. Enabling more children and young people to become part of the Swedish sports family and get moving is incredibly important. The grass root is one of the initiatives we drive to pull our straw to that stack.


This is the seventh year in a row that Svenska Spel distributes over SEK 50 million to youth sports in Sweden through the Gräsroten. As usual, Svenska Spel's customers themselves distribute the money by choosing one to three favorite associations.

"The joy, the community and the commitment that exists in the football family is little unique," says Janne Andersson, the national team for the national football team. Svenska Spels Gräsroten is an important building block for football in Sweden to continue to grow and develop at both breadth and elite level. So that more children and young people have the opportunity to get moving, meet friends and maybe one day wear the blue yellow sweater. For my own part, I have chosen to support my parent club Alets IK in Gräsroten.

By county, Stockholm receives the most money, SEK 10,190,730, followed by Västra Götaland at SEK 9,318,967 and Skåne at SEK 8,336,725.

Svenska Spels Gräsroten makes a real difference for sports associations in the country,” says Stefan Bergh, the Swedish Sports Federation's general secretary who himself has chosen to support Piteå IF in the Gräsroten. Through their unremitting commitment, the associations are able to handle a lot themselves, but thanks to the Grassroots, they can do that extra that helps the sports family continue to grow as more children and young people get moving.

According to a survey * among the associations in the country, over half (57%) say that with the help of the Grass Root, they are given the opportunity to do something that would otherwise not have been possible. The money is mainly used for training materials, cups, leadership training and daily activities.

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.


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Lotteries Globally Open 2019 with a Steady First Quarter

During the first quarter of 2019, global lottery sales rose 4% in aggregate over the equivalent period in 2018, with growth in Africa and Latin America pushing ahead of Asia Pacific for the first time in a year.


Global Lottery Sales 1Q2019


BASEL, Switzerland (November 7, 2019) -- First-quarter 2019 sales in Africa were up 20.5% on Q1 2018 in aggregate, while sales in Latin America grew 7.1% over the same timeframes. Asia Pacific, which had led the field for the last three quarters, saw its growth in sales moderate, with first-quarter on first-quarter sales increasing by ‘only’ 4.9%. In the other big regional markets of Europe and North America, quarter-on-quarter sales were up by a more temperate 3.3% and 2.8% respectively.

This is the second year in a row that Africa and Latin America have enjoyed an outstanding start to the year. In 2018, they enjoyed first quarter-on-quarter growth rates of 17.7% and 13.9% respectively.

Africa: South Africa and Mauritius power Africa’s sales

In 2018, it was Morocco’s two lotteries that pushed Africa to new heights as the year began, but at the beginning of 2019, it was South Africa’s Ithuba and the Mauritian National Lottery doing the heavy lifting, pushing the growth in sales of contributing lotteries in Africa to 20.5% quarter-on-quarter.

Mauritian National Lottery operator Lottotech saw turnover from the sale of its flagship Lotto 6/40 game increase by a hefty 58.6% for Q1 2019 versus Q1 2018, a positive variance of MUR 231.6 million (USD 6.4 million). The increase in sales was primarily due to the introduction of a second weekly Lotto 6/40 draw on Wednesdays, which drove higher aggregate jackpot offerings and an increase in rollovers.

South Africa’s Ithuba was also delighted with its Q1-on-Q1 increase in sales of 34.4%. The company is continuing to reinvigorate the South African National Lottery and has grown sales to new heights every year since taking over operations in June 2015.


The first quarter of 2019 saw the operator of South Africa’s national lottery enjoying several record-breaking weeks of sales, thanks to an imposing Powerball jackpot of ZAR 232 million (USD 15.7 million). The jackpot, which was the biggest in the history of the South African National Lottery, was won by a single ticket holder and claimed in February 2019.

Ithuba also launched a new Daily Lotto game in March, which further boosted sales in Q1 2019. The Daily Lotto has a jackpot that rolls down into other prize divisions if it is not won on a daily basis, a feature of the game that has made it highly popular. Within weeks of its launch, Daily Lotto became the third most popular game in the company’s product portfolio behind Lotto and Powerball.

Not content to rest on its laurels, Ithuba also launched a new mobile app and a number of new online EAZiWIN games in Q1 2019, in addition to its smash hit Daily Lotto game.

Although Morocco’s La Marocaine des Jeux could not keep up with its Mauritian and South African counterparts, it could still be happy with a healthy 9.9% increase in sales over the course of Q1 2019, versus the corresponding revenue period of 2018. In contrast, its counterpart Loterie Nationale Morocco saw sales contract sharply over the same timeframes.

Latin America: Chile’s Polla Chilena the fastest growing lottery in Q1 2019

Lotteries in Latin America saw first-quarter on first-quarter sales rise by 7.1% in aggregate, thanks in no small part to the astonishing performance of Chile’s Polla Chilena de Beneficencia. Among lotteries featured in the WLA Quarterly Lottery Sales Indicator (QLSI), the Chilean lottery was the fastest-growing enterprise over the three opening months of 2019, thanks to the 122.7% rise in sales it witnessed over the January–March period, as against the January–March period of the previous year. The Chilean operator was able to thank a number of historic jackpots for its outstanding increase in sales.

In comparison to the dominant performance of Polla Chilena, growth across Latin America in Q1 2019 was otherwise much more tempered. Mexico’s Pronósticos was nevertheless more than happy with its performance, which saw its sales rise to MXN 2.46 billion (USD 128.7 million) during Q1 2019. This represented a rise of 12.4% on the same period in 2018.

Several factors contributed to the Mexican lottery’s increase in sales, both intrinsic and extrinsic; among the external factors positively affecting sales was increasing confidence in the new Federal Government’s anti-corruption measures and its endorsement of the principles of honesty, integrity, and accountability. The Melate family of games (comprising Melate, Rematch, and Revanchita), which represent 32% of overall sales at Pronósticos, grew Q1-on-Q1 sales by 20% on average, on the back of the accumulated jackpot of the three products in the family. The accumulated jackpot, which was MXN 480 million in early January 2019, reached MXN 600 million (USD 31.4 million) before being won later in the quarter.

Lottery Insights December Issue
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Other products that grew in the January–March period were Tris, and instant scratch-off games, which returned to the market. Also, the Chispazo game sold MXN 12.8 million more in Q1 2019 than over the same period of 2018. Overall, 12 of the 14 products offered by the lottery saw increases in sales between 2.2% (Progol) and 38.2% (Melate Retro). Only two products saw a decrease in sales: Gana Gato (-3.6%) and Protouch (-1.2%).

Elsewhere, Mexico’s Lotería National para la Asistencia Pública enjoyed a steady 3.5% rise in sales over the January–March 2019 period, as against the period January–March 2018, while sales at Brazil’s Caixa Econômica Federal crept up 0.2% quarter-on-quarter.

Asia Pacific: LotteryWest leads Asia Pacific operators

For once it was not China leading the way in the Asia Pacific region but rather Australia’s Lotterywest, which saw Q1 sales rise 24.8% on the equivalent period in 2018. Overall, sales among contributing lotteries in Asia Pacific increased 4.9% in aggregate for the first-quarter of 2019, as against the first quarter of the previous year.

The West Australian lottery’s improved sales results were driven by changes made to the Powerball game across all Australian jurisdictions in May 2018. These changes included: an amended game matrix, which now requires 7 winning numbers from 35 balls (rather than 6 winning numbers from 40 balls) along with the Powerball (which is still drawn from a barrel of 20 balls); a more rapid rise in jackpot event size when there is no winner; new prize divisions with improved odds of winning; and a substantial rise in the product price point.

Comparing results from the first quarter of calendar year 2018 (pre-Powerball changes) with the first quarter of calendar year 2019 (post-Powerball changes), cumulative Powerball events at Lotterywest were up 82.1% (from AUD 212 million to AUD 386 million), meaning Powerball sales more than doubled with a Q1-on-Q1 increase in sales of 104.2%.

Quarterly growth of 104.2% is the kind of increase that has more traditionally been associated with the mainland Chinese lotteries. However, the mainland Chinese lotteries experienced a comparatively muted start to 2019, with Q1-on-Q1 sales rising 2.1% in aggregate. The China Welfare Lottery saw quarter-on-quarter sales down by 6.1%, to CNY 49.1 billion (USD 6.9 billion), even as the China Sports Lottery saw its sales increase 10.3% over the same period to CNY 57.3 billion (USD 8.1 billion).

Over the Q1-on-Q1 period, sports betting was once again the fastest growing segment with sales up 43% in aggregate across China’s mainland lotteries; in contrast, sales of numbers games fell by 14.1% over the same timeframes. Over the January–March quarter, sales of numbers games composed 51.7% of all sales, while sales of sports betting products composed 30.5% of all sales. Sales of all other products (instants, VLTs, and Keno) constituted the residue of the market.

Elsewhere in Asia Pacific, sales at the Hong Kong Jockey Club were up 9.4% over the first quarter of 2019, as against the first quarter of 2018, while sales at Japan’s Mizuho Bank were up 8.8% over the same revenue periods. At Mizuho Bank, the frequency of the Lotto 7 rollover helped increase sales; Lotto 7 is a traditional draw-based (number selection) game.

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In 2018, the Green Jumbo product was rebranded as the Valentine Jumbo; this is a draw-based game where the numbers are pre-selected by computer rather than by the player. During the first year of the product’s relaunch, the Valentine Jumbo was not well known to customers, but it has since significantly increased its visibility, thereby boosting sales. In addition, Mizuho bank has started to sell several further varieties of instant lottery tickets, and instant game sales have also increased.

Europe: Hungary stands out in solid quarter for Europe

Europe’s lotteries enjoyed a steady increase in sales of 3.3% across the 12 lotteries from Europe supplying figures for the WLA QLSI.

Hungary’s Szerencsejáték Zrt. continued its strong run of form into 2019, recording an impressive 19.7% increase in sales over the first quarter of the year, as compared to the first quarter of 2018. Several significant jackpots boosted the results for numbers games directly, and also had a positive effect indirectly on the sale of instant tickets. In addition, there was a significant increase in sports betting play in Hungary, which had the effect of boosting the Hungarian lottery’s sports betting numbers.

Of Europe’s other contributing lotteries, France’s La Française des Jeux (FDJ) and Spain’s ONCE were the most successful in Q1 2019, featuring growth rates of 8.1% and 5.9% respectively across Q1 2019, as against Q1 2018.

For its part, Greece's OPAP could be happy with a 5.0% year-on-year growth in revenue to EUR 396 million, delivering OPAP’s strongest Q1 performance for a decade, on the back of its enhanced product offering. Further, net profit was up 43.5% to EUR 57.2 million, a handsome payoff for the increased attention OPAP has paid to operational efficiency in recent years.

Outside of Scandinavia, most of Europe’s other contributing lotteries reported Q1 2019 results hovering around the average for the region as a whole. Italy’s Lottomatica recorded quarter-on-quarter growth of just over 2%, flagging the possibility that the country’s ban on gambling advertising introduced in June 2018 is beginning to take effect. For its part, Spain’s Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado reported growth of 3.8%, slightly ahead of Switzerland’s Loterie Romande, which enjoyed quarter-on-quarter growth of a little less than 3%. Norway’s Norsk Tipping was the best performing of the Scandinavian lotteries, which had a tougher quarter. Sales at the Norwegian national lottery broke exactly even for Q1 2019, when compared to the lottery’s corresponding tally for Q1 2018.

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North America: U.S. and Canadian lotteries experience a mixed quarter

Participating North American lotteries had their ups and downs in a fluctuating first three months of the year that saw quarter-on-quarter sales increasing by 2.8% in aggregate. All seven contributing U.S. lotteries saw their sales increase between 1.7% and 10% over Q1 2019 versus Q1 2018, but these positive results were offset by the contributing Canadian lotteries, which all saw sales decline for the first quarter of 2018, as against the first quarter of the previous year.

The fastest growing operators in North America hailed from the Southern states of Kentucky and Texas, with Connecticut not far behind.

The Kentucky Lottery Corporation boosted Q1 sales by a healthy 10% over the same period of 2018, while the Texas Lottery Commission witnessed a 6.9% increase in sales over the same comparative calendar quarters.

Meanwhile, sales revenues at the Connecticut Lottery Corporation totaled USD 333.6 million for the opening quarter of 2019, compared to USD 317.1 million for the year prior. Overall, total sales increased USD 16.6 million or 5.2%. Instant ticket portfolio revenue was up USD 5.3 million or 3.0% while Keno revenue was up USD 4.5 million or 20.2%. The most surprising contributor to the Connecticut Lottery’s successful first quarter of 2019 was its Lotto game (6 from 44 matrix). The game, which had rolled for 129 draws, saw revenues rise by USD 5.7 million or 135% year over year. Commenting on the results, Greg Smith, President and CEO of the Connecticut Lottery said, “The CT Lottery is pleased to continue to be a consistent and significant financial contributor to the state.” He continued, “In order to maintain and build upon these results in the coming years, we hope to soon become authorized for additional revenue streams, such as sports betting and internet lottery games.”

Elsewhere in the U.S., steady numbers were recorded by the country’s other big operators, with the California Lottery, the Florida Lottery, and the New York State Lottery all growing by around 3% quarter-on-quarter.

Looking forward

The WLA extends a warm welcome to the Texas Lottery Commission, the newest member of the WLA Quarterly Lottery Sales Indicator family. Going forward, the WLA will continue to track the progress of global lottery sales in future editions of the WLA QLSI. Once again we thank all WLA member lotteries participating in this initiative, and look forward to bringing you the second quarter 2019 results shortly.


Luca Esposito

WLA Executive Director


SOURCE: World Lottery Association.




International Game Technology PLC Reports Third Quarter 2019 Results

  • Revenue of $1.15 billion, up 3% at constant currency on significant growth in global gaming product sales
  • Operating income of $154 million; Adjusted EBITDA of $407 million
  • Strong year-to-date operating cash flow of $789 million and free cash flow of $456 million
  • Cash dividend declared of $0.20 per ordinary share



LONDON, U.K. (November 14, 2019) -- International Game Technology PLC ("IGT") (NYSE:IGT) today reported financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2019. Today, at 8:00 a.m. EST, management will host a conference call and webcast to present the results; access details are provided below.

IGT is the global leader in gaming. We enable players to experience their favorite games across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Interactive and Social Gaming. Leveraging a wealth of premium content, substantial investment in innovation, in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise and leading-edge technology, our gaming solutions anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play. We have a well-established local presence and relationships...

"Our core businesses achieved significant momentum in the third quarter and year-to-date periods," said Marco Sala, CEO of IGT. "Key performance indicators were solid in the quarter – gaming machine unit shipments increased 44%, while same-store revenue for draw games and instants rose 4%. Our leading positions are rooted in our focus on player-driven performance, which was on display at recent lottery and gaming trade shows and should sustain our momentum going forward."

"IGT has generated free cash flow in excess of $450 million in the first nine months," said Alberto Fornaro, CFO of IGT. "This confirms the inflection we expected to achieve this year. We are well positioned to achieve our 2019 strategic and financial goals."


Overview of Consolidated Third Quarter 2019 Results




Note: Adjusted EBITDA, adjusted operating income, and adjusted net income per diluted share are non-GAAP financial measures. Reconciliations of non-GAAP financial measures to the most directly comparable GAAP financial measures are provided at the end of this news release.


Consolidated revenue of $1.15 billion, up 3% at constant currency

  • Sharp growth in global gaming product sales
  • Overcame significant Finland multi-year software sale in prior-year quarter and impact of higher machine gaming taxes in Italy


At constant currency, operating income down 19% to $154 million; adjusted operating income down 11% to $221 million

  • Non-cash write-down of pre-paid social gaming-related license
  • Adjusted EBITDA declined 5% at constant currency to $407 million


  • Differential profit flow-through on revenue mix, primarily due to high-margin Finland software transaction in prior year
  • Higher R&D and SG&A expenses, primarily due to timing


Interest expense, net was $103 million, down 1% from the prior-year quarter

Income taxes of $45 million; adjusted taxes of $51 million, down from $60 million on lower pre-tax income

Net income attributable to IGT was $104 million; adjusted net income attributable to IGT was $43 million, down from $64 million in the prior year

Net income per diluted share of $0.51; adjusted net income per diluted share of $0.21 versus $0.31 in the prior year

Net debt of $7.35 billion, down 5% from $7.76 billion at December 31, 2018


Operating Segment Review


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About IGT

IGT (NYSE:IGT) is the global leader in gaming. We enable players to experience their favorite games across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Digital and Social Gaming. Leveraging a wealth of premium content, substantial investment in innovation, in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise and leading-edge technology, our gaming solutions anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play. We have a well-established local presence and relationships with governments and regulators in more than 100 countries around the world, and create value by adhering to the highest standards of service, integrity, and responsibility. IGT has over 12,000 employees. For more information, please visit




Phil O'Shaughnessy,

Global Communications, toll free in U.S./Canada +1 (844) IGT-7452; outside U.S./Canada +1 (401) 392-7452

Francesco Luti,

+39 3485475493;

for Italian media inquiries

James Hurley,

Investor Relations,

+1 (401) 392-7190


SOURCE International Game Technology PLC.



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