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Sports Betting News Archive CY2016
December 28, 2016 New Jersey Makes Case to Supreme Court on Sports Betting
November 18, 2016 Unlawful Prohibition of Sports Betting in Germany
November 15, 2016 Five States Join New Jersey in Sports Betting Case with Supreme Court Filing
November 11, 2016 Colorado Becomes First State Outside of Nevada to Allow Fantasy Football-Style Pari-Mutuel Wagering
November 5, 2016 New Jersey Assemblyman is Taking a New Approach to Legalizing Sports Betting
November 4, 2016 The Popularity of Fantasy Sports Continues to Grow
November 2, 2016 More Americans Bet on Legalizing Sports Wagering than Oppose It
November 2, 2016 NJ Lawmakers Introduce New Bill to Repeal Sports Betting Ban
October 31, 2016 Two Biggest Daily Fantasy Sports Companies are Reportedly Close to Joining Forces
October 31, 2016 Betting Action on Football Games Down in 2016
October 31, 2016 Sports Betting and Lottery – a Booster for a Sports Teams
October 25, 2016 Fantasy Sports Operators Settle Legal Fight with New York State Over Allegations of Deceptive Advertising
October 25, 2016 Azerbaijan Grants Some Ministries Additional Powers of Preventing Illegal Sports Betting
October 24, 2016 Lawmakers Look at Rapidly Growing Fantasy Sports Industry
October 22, 2016 Congress Takes a Huge Step Toward Legalizing Sports Betting in America
October 16, 2016 Match-Fixing Bill Expected by End of Year
October 16, 2016 Sports Minister’s Proposes Ten Percent Betting Levy
October 12, 2016 eSports Taking Viewership Away From Real Sports
October 10, 2016 Codere to Focus on Sports Betting
October 10, 2016 AGIMEG Report Market for Online Sports Betting Up 37% in September
October 10, 2016 Gambling Firms and Broadcasters Unite to Combat Proposed Daytime Ad Ban
October 10, 2016 1960Bet Set to Revolutionize Sports Betting
October 7, 2016 Government Mulling Crackdown on Bingo Adverts and Promotions During Sporting Events in Gambling Industry Clampdown
October 8, 2016 Governor Petitions U.S. Supreme Court to Take Up Sports Betting Case
October 5, 2016 Law Suit Claims Fantasy Sports Betting is “Unconstitutional”
September 21, 2016 Law Enforcement Joins Industry to Encourage Regulated Sports Betting
September 19, 2016 Former NBA Commissioner Favours Expansion of Legal Sports Betting
September 18, 2016 Sports Betting Licensing Proceedings - Hesse Accepts New Requests
September 18, 2016 Council of Europe’s New Definition of ‘Illegal Sports Betting’ If Ratified Stands to Seriously Damage the Maltese Online Sports Betting Sector
September 17, 2016 Michigan Bill Legalizes Fantasy Sports Bets
September 16, 2016 Nielsen Study Suggests TV Networks Would Benefit From Sports Betting
September 15, 2016 Call to Legalize and Regulate Sports Betting
September 13, 2016 Fantasy Sports Legislation Introduced in Michigan House
September 9, 2016 State Appoints Panel to Study Fantasy Sports Betting Regulation
September 9, 2016 Gaming Commission Formalizes Application Process for Paid Fantasy Sports Entities
September 7, 2016 Football Bets to Top $90 Billion for Second Straight Season; 98% of Wagers Will Be Illegal
September 3, 2016 New Jersey Legal Bills Top $5.1M in Fight for Sports Bets
September 2, 2016 Lawmakers Tackle New Sports Betting Regulations
August 30, 2016 MP Calls for Legalizing Single-Game Sports Betting in Canada
August 26, 2016 Legal Sports Books Get Ready for Billions in E-Sports Betting
August 22, 2016 Gaming Commission Awards Five Temporary Daily Fantasy Sports Permits
August 19, 2016 Fantasy Sports Bill Proposed for Nevada
August 15, 2016 NT Government Confirms Ban on In-Play Betting
August 12, 2016 New State Law Codifies Daily Fantasy Sports Regulations
August 12, 2016 Minister Exempts Fantasy Sports from the Requirement of a Gambling Licence
August 12, 2016 Maine Legislature to Consider Regulating Fantasy Sports Gambling
August 9, 2016 Federal Court Blocks New Jersey Plan to Legalize Sports Betting
August 7, 2016 State’s Pioneering Move to Tax Online Betting Companies on Revenue They Earn Inside Its Borders Has Prompted a Backlash from the $10bn a Year Industry
August 6, 2016 State Government Blocks Online Gambling in eSports
August 4, 2016 WA Government Eyes Neighbouring State’s “15% Punter Tax”
August 3, 2016 New York Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Fantasy Sports Into Law
August 1, 2016 Massachusetts Beats Buzzer with New Fantasy Sports Law
August 1, 2016 Corporate Bookmakers Launch Ad Campaign Called “Stop the Punters Tax”
August 1, 2016 Fantasy Sports Legalization Passes Massachusetts State House
July 27, 2016 Las Vegas Needs to Look Hard at the Billion Dollar eSports Business
July 26, 2016 Comptroller Eyeing Up Big Changes For Daily Fantasy Sports
July 26, 2016 eSports Market Report 2016
July 26, 2016 Oulala Expected to Become the First DFS Operator to be Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, Under Its Future Skill Game Licence
July 26, 2016 Kenya’s SportPesa Sign Sponsorship Deal with Hull City
July 25, 2016 France Pari Acquires 100% of Suertia for an Undisclosed Fee
July 25, 2016 Federal Government Missing Opportunity to Tax Fantasy Sports
July 23, 2016 Relaxed Regulations Surrounding Online Gambling Have Turned the Northern Territory Into a Haven for Sports Betting Agencies
July 22, 2016 eSports Growth Slowing But Market to Pass $1 Billion in 2017 – SuperData
July 22, 2016 India to Legalise Betting in Sports?
July 22, 2016 New York Governor’s Delay in Signing DFS Bill is Causing Concern within the Fantasy Sports Industry
July 22, 2016 Mississippi Fantasy Sports Task Force Begins Work to Regulate Industry
July 21, 2015 Massachusetts State House Discusses Regulating Online Fantasy Sports Sites
July 21, 2016 Las Vegas Sportsbook Operator CG Technology Fined $1.5M; CEO to Resign
July 21, 2016 Supreme Ventures’ Sport Betting Brand to Offer Special Betting Options For Olympic Games
July 20, 2016 Fantasy Sports Tax Means a Touchdown for Tennessee’s Department of Revenue
July 19, 2016 Six States Adopt Fantasy Sports Laws, 21 States Decline
July 14, 2016 Comptroller Proposes Regulations for Daily Fantasy Sports in Maryland
July 14, 2016 Media Authority Refers Sportsbet to Federal Police Over Live Sports In-Play Wagering
July 13, 2016 Double Taxation of Sports Betting May Soon be Resolved
July 12, 2016 New Law Might Force Company to Stop Offering Fantasy Sports Games in Missouri
July 11, 2016 Sports Betting Giant Adopts Featurespace Technology
July 11, 2016 New Indiana Law Legalizes Daily Fantasy Sports
July 11, 2016 Attorney General Says Fantasy Sports Betting is Legal in WV
July 9, 2016 Delaware Attorney General Orders End to Online Fantasy Sports Betting
July 8, 2016 Sports Betting Companies in Ghana Taking Steps to Check Under-Age Gambling
July 8, 2016 U.S. Mayors Join AGA Campaign For Legalized Sports Betting
July 7, 2016 As of July 1, 2016, Fantasy Sports Regulatory Regimes Take Hold Nationwide
July 6, 2016 Tennessee is One of the First States to Offer Legal Route to Fantasy Sports
July 6, 2016 The Rise and Rise of the NXT Political Party Will Almost Certainly Apply Pressure on Australia’s Gambling Sector
July 5, 2016 Fantasy Sports Act of 2016 Allows Daily Fantasy Sites in Tennessee
July 3, 2016 Two New Trends in the world of Sports Betting
July 1, 2016 Fastest Growing Category of Advertising: Sports Gambling
July 1, 2016 Two Resolutions Urge Congress to Lift Federal Ban on Sports Betting
June 30, 2016 ESSA Expands Into Russia with Fonbet Sign-Up
June 30, 2016 How to Bet (Completely Legally) on Euro 2016 in Beijing via the Government's Lottery System
June 27, 2016 SA's Appetite for Online Sports Betting Grows
June 27, 2016 SA Government’s Interstate Gambling Tax; Nothing But a ‘Short Sighted Money Grab’
June 23, 2016 State Government to Introduce a "Place of Consumption" Tax of 15 Per Cent for Betting Companies
June 23, 2016 Fantasy Sports Betting Gets OK from Nevada Regulators
June 21, 2016 Potential Lawsuits Against Daily Fantasy Sports Companies in New York Remain
June 21, 2016 Double Taxation Strangulating Sports Betting
June 20, 2016 E-Sports Gambling: A White Elephant of the Gaming Industry!
June 20, 2016 Sports Betting in America
June 20, 2016 Football Clubs Tackle eSports
June 20, 2016 Sky and ITV Partner for eSports
June 20, 2016 Nevada, New Jersey Taking the Lead in eSports
June 19, 2016 IeSF Building eSports Athlete's Commission in Bid to Get eSports to the Olympics
June 19, 2016 Liberal Government Intends to Defeat Private Member’s Bill to Legalize Single-Event Sports Betting
June 18, 2016 New York Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Fantasy Sports Betting
June 17, 2016 Attorney General Says Daily Fantasy Sports Lawsuits Will Continue
June 16, 2016 PokerStars Launch New Sports Betting Offering in France
June 15, 2016 Bet365 Increases Its Market Share of Italy’s Online Sports Betting Market
June 15, 2016 New Jersey Moves on Daily Fantasy, Maybe Toward Sports Betting
June 15, 2016 Fantasy Sports Bill Clears Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee
June 14, 2016 Federal Government Ban on the Controversial "Click to Call" Service Spreading Beyond Australian Shores to Norfolk Island-Licensed Operators
June 13, 2016 Bet365 Wins Court Battle in Bulgaria, Now Licensed For Sports Betting
June 13, 2016 FanDuel, DraftKings in Merger Talks
June 11, 2016 The Growing Problem of Illegal Sports Betting in India
June 11, 2016 Territory Government Reluctantly Bans in-Play Gambling
June 11, 2016 Missouri Governor Signs Daily Fantasy Sports Legislation
June 10, 2016 Record Year for Sports Betting in Germany: Wagers Pass the Five Billion-Euro Mark
June 8, 2016 Macau Slot Retains Macau Sports Betting Monopoly
June 8, 2016 Nevada Sports Books Wary Of Entity Wagering
June 8, 2016 Taxman Now Eyes Betting Companies in Bid to Seal Loopholes
June 8, 2016 Nevada Gaming Board Votes for Return of Daily Fantasy Sports Betting
June 8, 2016 ARJEL and ESSA Sign Partnership Protocol on the Eve of Euro 2016
June 7, 2016 Committee in Albany Reaches Deal to Legalize Daily Fantasy Sports
May 29, 2016 Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Bill Put on Hold Amid Allegations
May 25, 2016 China Could Capitalise on Brave New eSports World
May 24, 2016 Prime Minister Urged to Act on Sports Betting
May 23, 2016 Fantasy Sports Report: Prepared to Address the Potential of Fantasy Sports as a Gambling Product in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
May 23, 2016 Major Bookmakers Join Social Network For Sports Betting
May 20, 2016 FanDuel Targets August UK Launch but Still Waiting on UK Licence Approval
May 20, 2016 Legalizing of Daily Fantasy Sports Seen in New York State
May 20, 2016 Gaming Experts See Asia as a Tremendous Untapped Market for Online Gaming and Sports Betting
May 20, 2016 Council Introduces Tax on Sports Betting
May 20, 2016 Australian Football League Players Eye Lucrative Fantasy Funds
May 10, 2016 Congress to Take Closer Look at Daily Fantasy
May 6, 2016 Nevada to Consider Mobile Sports Betting from All 50 States
May 5, 2016 Tennessee Enacts Fantasy Sports Bill, Privilege Tax
May 2, 2016 Attorney General Reaches Agreement to Terminate Paid Daily Fantasy Sports Contests in Idaho
April 21, 2016 Administrative Court Orders Gambling Authority to Issue Sports Betting License
April 20, 2016 Illinois Lawmakers Looking to Tax, Regulate Fantasy Sports
April 18, 2016 Legislation Authorizing Fantasy Sports Appeared Unlikely After Attorney General’s Warning
April 14, 2016 Congress to Hold Hearing on Fantasy Sports
April 13, 2016 Russia, France and Spain Leading the European eSports Market
April 12, 2016 Maryland Fails To Pass Fantasy Sports Bill
April 12, 2016 Tennessee House Committee Advances Fantasy Sports Bill
April 12, 2016 Raunchy Betting Ad Banned for Linking Gambling to Sexual Success
April 13, 2016 Fantasy Sports Sites Face Patent Lawsuits
April 11, 2016 Missouri House Proposes Regulations, No Tax for Daily Fantasy Sports
April 10, 2016 Push to Expand Sports Betting Beyond Nevada
April 8, 2016 PGA Tour Consider Gambling Venture; Issue RFP to Sell Data to Bookmakers
April 8, 2016 E-sports Betting to Become a Boon for Gambling Industry
March 7, 2016 Gaming Regulator Announce the Completion of the Full Liberalization of the Italian Sports Betting Market
March 7, 2016 State Legislatures See Flurry of Daily Fantasy Sports Bills
March 5, 2016 Texas Has Joined New York in Outlawing Online Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Site
March 7, 2016 Virginia Governor Signs Fantasy Contest Bill into Law, Affects Daily and Season-Long Fantasy Sports
March 7, 2016 Indiana Governor Indicates Willingness to Sign Fantasy Sports Bill
March 4, 2016 Senate Votes for Fantasy Sports Companies to be Regulated by Indiana Gaming Commission
March 1, 2016 "EachWay" Top-Up System Enables Online Sports Betters to 'Top Up' Their Gambling Accounts at Retailers
February 24, 2016 The amount of Money Being Stored in Online Gambling Accounts is Rising
February 23, 2016 Virginia Poised to Allow and Regulate Online Fantasy Sports Betting
February 18, 2016 Senate Bill Would Legalize Fantasy Sports Gambling in Arizona
February 17, 2016 Fantasy Sports Lobby Spending Millions to Push New Laws to Protect DFS Sites
February 17, 2016 Football League Introduce Betting Restrictions for Accredited Journalists and Broadcasters
February 17, 2016 Sports Betting Initiative Gains Steam
February 17, 2016 New Jersey Takes Sports Betting Argument to Full Appeals Court
February 6, 2016 Call for Government to Ban Sports Betting
February 5, 2016 EU Court Rules Against German Sports Betting Regulation; New German Legislation Strongly Needed
February 4, 2016 European Court: State Treaty on Gambling Violates European Law
February 4, 2016 European Court of Justice Ruling on Sports Betting
February 4, 2016 CJEU: German Sports Betting Regulation Continues Being in Breach of EU Law
February 3, 2016 New AGA Research: Super Bowl Viewers Support Change to Sports Betting Laws
February 3, 2016 Poll: 65 Percent of Fans Support Regulated Sports Betting
February 3, 2016 Boston-Based Fantasy Sports Operator Announce Long-Term Marketing Agreements with English Premier League Teams
February 3, 2016 Racing Australia Demands Government Ban In-Play Betting
February 2, 2016 Oklahoma Legislators Support ‘Daily Fantasy Sports’ Bill


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