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NZ Lotteries
Address: 54-56 Cambridge Terrace Wellington, New Zealand
117 Khyber Pass Road PO Box 8929, Auckland 1150
E-mail Address:
Phone: +64 9 363 0904
Fax: +64 9 363 0972
Population: 4 million
Lottery Director: Wayne Pickup
Year Lottery Founded: 1987
Sales FY 2013

$946.8 million NZ
Record profit of $201.8 million for distribution to the community
Number of Employees: 86
On-line Vendor: GTECH
Instant Ticket Vendor: Oberthur
Games Offered: Lotto, Lotto Strike, Lotto Powerball, Keno, Instant Kiwi
Beneficiaries: Arts, sport and community programs
Jurisdiction: New Zealand



New Zealand Lotteries Commission (NZLC) is New Zealand's only gaming provider with a pure community-benefit funding model. Lotto, its flagship game, has become a national icon.
Lotto was introduced as a result of the 1985 report Sport on the Move, which saw the new game as a source of extra revenue for recreation, arts, sport and community projects. The Labour government of the day agreed that the income from the existing Golden Kiwi had peaked. And so NZLC was established in 1987, with Lotto's first draw being held on 1 August that year.
Alongside Lotto, NZLC's other current products are Lotto Powerball, Lotto Strike, Keno and Instant Kiwi.
NZLC's retail network of more than 640 "Lotto Shops" employs more than 3,600 people, the largest single retail network in New Zealand.

News Archive for CY2017
August 1, 2017 Record Returns to the Community from Lotto NZ
July 4, 2017 Drug Free Sport New Zealand Announce New Chief Executive
April 3, 2017 PM Says Government Will Not Support Proposed Casino Resort

News Archive for CY2016
November 2, 2016 Lotto Sales Could Top $1billion for the First Time This Financial Year
October 17, 2016 Lotto NZ Returns $204 Million to the Community
September 14, 2016 Lotto NZ Earns World Class Security Standard Certifications
June 27, 2016 Government Release Gambling Review Discussion Document
May 25, 2016 Lotto NZ Eyes Online Scratchies
May 23, 2016 Lotto NZ Issue RFP for Instant Win Game (IWG) Platform and Games
April 16, 2016 Changes to NZ Betting Laws Under Consideration
April 7, 2016 Government Announce Next Steps for Gambling Review
March 15, 2016 Lotto New Zealand’s Focus on Responsible Gaming Internationally Recognised
March 2, 2016 Hoed Research Wins Major Lotto NZ Contract
February 24, 2016 NZ Gambling Expenditure Up in FY 2014/15

News Archive for CY2015
November 2, 2015 Lack of Jackpots Slows Lottery Playing
October 16, 2015 Passage of Bill Brings Greater Clarity to Gambling Law
August 3, 2015 New Zealand Lotteries Looks to Anywhere Anytime Gaming
June 8, 2015 Goodbye to Lotto's Spinning Wheel
April 8, 2015 Appointments to Lotteries Commission
March 21, 2015 NZ Lotteries Create More Fun for Players with 2nd Chance Draw
February 18, 2015 Lottery Reports Decline in Core Business

News Archive for CY2014
December 15, 2014 Study Shows Reduction in Gambling, While Problem Gambling Figures Remain Unchanged
October 23, 2014 Players Scratch $94 million in Instant Kiwi prizes in 2013-14
October 6, 2014 Lotto New Zealand launches New Game Play 3
June 12, 2014 Survey Shows Consumer Concern at Advertising for Online Gambling
June 12, 2014 Supermarket Roll Out of Lottery Product
March 28, 2014 Lotto New Zealand recognized for World Class Responsible Gaming
March 6, 2014 NZ Lotteries Prepare to Launch New Simple Numbers Game
March 3, 2014 Trial for Lottery Ticket Sales at Grocery Checkouts Successful
March 3, 2014 Appointments to Lottery Grant Board
January 14, 2014 Town Reclaims Lotto’s Top Town Title

News Archive for CY2013
November 19, 2013 Lotteries Commission Increasingly Relying on CCTV Footage to Track Winners
September 26, 2013 Lotto NZ Excited to Support AK’s Diwali ‘Festival of Lights'
September 26, 2013 Record Profit for NZ Lotto
July 28, 2013 New Zealand Lotteries Contributes $220 Million in Lottery Profits to Communities
July 16, 2013 NZ Lotteries Partner in Volunteer Recognition Programme
July 11, 2013 New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill: First Reading Speech
July 9, 2013 New Zealand Lotteries CEO Participates in Silent Leadership Challenge
June 27, 2013 NZ Lotteries Undergoes a Makeover
June 11, 2013 Lotto Outlets Asked to Stop Selling Legal Drugs
April 16, 2013 NZ Lotteries and Sport NZ Team Up To Support Sports Volunteers Nationwide
April 10, 2013 New Zealand Lotteries Monitoring System Ensures Player Confidence
March 13, 2013 Critics Concerned Instant Kiwi Scratch Tickets Promote a 'Normalization of Gambling'
March 10, 2013 Minister Pushes for Changes to 'Spot Prize' Regulation
February 18, 2013 Prime Minister Confident Government Will be Cleared in Convention Report
February 18, 2013 Health Officials Accuse Lotteries Commission for an Increase in Problem Gambling Figures
January 13, 2013 Lifting Lotto's Online Odds
January 11, 2013 Warren Hughes Appointed Chief Technology Officer of NZ Lotteries
December 30, 2012 Players Neglect to Collect More Than $10m in Lotto Prizes

News Archive for CY2012
December 13, 2012 Auditor General's Report on Convention Centre Tender to be Released by End of Year
December 7, 2012 Over a Million Mylotto Winners in 2012
November 5, 2012 Lottomatica Group Announced That Its Subsidiary GTECH Global Services Corporation Limited Has Signed Agreement With The New Zealand Lotteries to Provide Enhanced Lottery Technology and Services Through June 2020
October 22, 2012 CIO to CEO: Wayne Pickup of NZ Lotteries
August 12, 2012 Lotto’s 25th Birthday Kicks-Off With Two Wins
August 10, 2012 Levy Funds More Help For Problem Gamblers
July 25 2012 Lottery Officials Commissioned Investigation Mental Health Provider's Finances
July 19, 2012 Lottery Commission Urged To Adopt Player Registration System
July 17, 2012 Lotto Goes Mobile
(July 4, 2012 Potential Game Changes for NZ Lotteries
July 2, 2012 Council Supporting Bill To Change Way Gaming Trusts Distribute Funds
July 1, 2012 25 Years Of Lotto
June 6, 2012 Complaint Lodged Over Lobbying By Gambling Trusts
May 25, 2012 Gambling Law Changes Come At A Cost
May 23, 2012 Casinos Depressing Lottery Sales as Administration Considers Privatization
March 25, 2012 Lotto’s 100 Giant Nest Eggs Promotion
March 3, 2012 Lotteries Commission Looks To Cater To Asian Players
March 1, 2012 NZ Lotteries Posts Record Half-Year Profit
January 17, 2012 Mylotto Players Win a Combined Total $17.6 Million in 2011
January 13, 2012 New Zealand Lotteries Appoints New Chief Executive


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