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Proposed Nevada Lottery

News 2011
April 14, 2011 State Lottery Bill Dies in Senate Committee
April 6, 2011 Nevada Bill Would Drop Mobile Gambling Restrictions
March 28, 2011 Senate Committee to Hear Lottery Proposal
March 5, 2011 Lawmakers Prepared To Consider State Lottery
January 30, 2011 Bill Would Amend the Nevada Constitution to Allow the Operation of a State Lottery
January 12, 2011 Nevada Youth Legislature Calling for State Lottery

News 2010
Sept 17, 2010 Nevada Lottery Proposal Still Active But Chances For Success Slim, Sponsor Says
July 2, 2010 Nevada Legislative Bill Draft Requests Include State Lottery

Lottery News 2009

Youth Legislature Adopts Lottery Plan
LAS VEGAS, Nevada (November 20, 2009) -- The Nevada Youth Legislature voted 13-3 for a proposal by Daniel Waqar, 15, a sophomore at the Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas, to start a state lottery. The proceeds would go toward education......................Subscribers

State Lottery Bill Appears to be Dead
CARSON CITY, Nevada (May 11, 2009) – Local news reports a bill to let voters decide whether to legalize a state lottery appears dead after the chairman of the Senate committee in control of the bill said members do not want to conduct a hearing on it.....................Subscribers

A Nevada Lottery? -- The Line Forms in California
Chances of a Nevada Lottery Looking Better, But What Impact Would it Have on the California Lottery?
CARSON CITY, Nevada (April 25, 2009) -- Nevada is one of just seven US state that still prohibit lotteries. But, now faced with a budget deficit of about $3 billion and armed with opinion polls showing that more than 70 percent of residents support a lottery, state lawmakers in Carson City are considering a measure that would begin the lengthy process of legalization......................Subscribers

Nevada Advances State Lottery Plan
CARSON CITY, Nevada (April 15, 2009) -- The Nevada Assembly has voted to pass a plan for a lottery in the nation's No. 1 gambling state, despite arguments that it would compete with slot machines and other games of chance.......................Subscribers

Nevada Lottery Bill Passes Crucial Test - Assembly Panel Endorses State Lottery Plan
CARSON CITY, Nevada (March 27, 2009) -- A Nevada Assembly panel voted to back a plan for a lottery in the nation's No. 1 gambling state, despite arguments that it would compete with slot machines and other games of chance..................Subscribers

If At First You Don’t Succeed Try and Try Again – Lottery Plan Emerges Again
CARSON CITY, Nevada (March 17, 2009) -- Advocates of a lottery in the nation's No. 1 gambling state have faced a long run of bad luck in getting Nevada legislators to back the idea -- but they're betting the time is right for one more attempt, the Associated Press reported today....................Subscribers

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try and Try Again; Lawmakers Take Another Look At Creating a Nevada State Lottery
CARSON CITY, Nevada, USA (February 8, 2009) -- In the next few weeks a resolution to amend the state constitution to allow a Nevada Lottery will be introduced in the Assembly, according to Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley. It will be the 27th proposal introduced in the Legislature since 1975 to legalize lotteries.....................Subscribers


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