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Lotarija na Makedonija
Address: Marsal Tito 11 A P.O. Box 127 1000 Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)
E-mail Address:
Phone: +389 2 323 5122
Fax: +389 2 312 4022
Population: 2,050,554 (2006 est.)
Managing Director:
Deputy Managing Director
Mitko Dimov
Mitko Stardelov
Year Lottery Founded:  
Sales FY 2003: $558.2 Million
Number of Employees:  
On-line Vendor:  
Internet Gaming System:  
Instant Ticket Vendor:  
Games Offered:  

Background Info

Macedonia is a landlocked state in the heart of the Balkans. It is a mountainous country with small basins of agricultural land.
It became a member of the UN in 1993 under the provisional name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

Lottery News 2010

Macedonian State Lottery Ticket Go on Sale Friday
SKOPJE, Macedonia (April 22, 2010) – Reports that as of Friday, Macedonian citizens will again have the opportunity to take part in games of chance, organized by the new Macedonian State Lottery................Subscribers

Greece Declares War at Macedonian Casinos
SKOPJE, Macedonia (January 4, 2010) -- “It’s a sin for Greeks to leave their money and property to Skopjans.” “Do not go there.” According to the Focus Information Agency, these are some of the appeals made by Bishop Anthimos of Thessaloniki, declaring war at the casinos for the advertising of the towns of Gevgelija and Bitola as the gambling heaven on billboards placed in North Greece....................Subscribers

Lottery News

Macedonian State Lottery to Start in Less Than 20 Days
MACEDONIA (December 31, 2009) - News reports that the citizens of Macedonia will be able to try their luck at lottoin in less than 20 days. This game will have a new concept, content and the main prize will be €100.000 euros.....................Subscribers

Macedonia State Lottery Promotes First Products
SKOPJE, Macedonia (December 29, 2009) - Macedonia's State Lottery promoted Tuesday its first products marking the official start of its activities....................Subscribers

Lotarija na Makedonija - Update
SKOPJE, Macedonia (November 12, 2009) - Lotarija na Makedonija, the State Lottery of Macedonia, is in the final stage of preparation and is expected to offer its products by the end of this year to the citizens of Macedonia....................Subscribers

Macedonia’s State Lottery Ponders Multi-Jurisdictional Lottery Game with Neighboring Countries
SKOPJE, Macedonia (November 12, 2009) -- By the end of the year Macedonia will start organizing bingo, lottery and other games of chance..................Subscribers

State Lottery To Be Launched By The End Of This Year
MACEDONIA (November 11, 2009) - Lotarija na Makedonija, Macedonia's State Lottery, is making final preparations and intends to offer its products to citizens by the end of this year.................Subscribers


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