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News Archive for CY2019
March 5, 2019 Italy’s Revenue from Gaming Grew by 3.8 Percent CY2018
February 28, 2019 Denmark, Finland, France and Norway to Launch Joint Digital Operation This Year
February 27, 2019 Lower Saxony: Cabinet Decision on the Third State Treaty on Gaming
February 26, 2019 Senate Accepts Recommendation for a Dedicated Card for All Gaming Services
February 20, 2019 Finnish Competition Authority to Conduct an Extensive Assessment on the Legitimacy of the Finnish State Operated Gambling Monopoly in 2019
February 5, 2019 The Netherlands – Vote Will be Next Week; Minister Forced to Provide More Details
February 5, 2019 Italian Government Strengthens Gambling Rules
February 5, 2019 The Spanish Online Gambling Market Grew 10.74% in in the Last Quarter of 2018
February 4, 2019 The Federal States Must Soon Agree on New Rules of Gambling
February 1, 2019 New Lobby of Online Gambling Operators Band Together Against the Norwegian Ministry of Culture
February 1, 2019 Slovak Gambling Act to Come Into Effect in March 2019
January 6, 2019 Lotto MV Reports 2018 Sales Up 5.3 Percent Compared to the Previous Year
January 4, 2019 Coalition Government in Hesse Has Announced that it May be Able to Single-Handedly Regulate Gambling Law at the State Level

News Archive for CY2018
December 31, 2018 Italy Gambling Data for 2018
December 28, 2018 German Lottery Dispute Could End Up in European Court of Justice (ECJ)
December 20, 2018 Global Lottery Monitoring System Statement on the Final Report of the Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis
December 19, 2018 EU Court Again Pronounces Clear Ruling on Lottery Regulation
December 5, 2018 Global Lottery Monitoring System Publish Its Code of Conduct
December 5, 2018 Lottery Tax Continues to Decline; 4.5% Less Than in the Same Period of 2017
December 5, 2018 Annual Review Reaffirmed Lotto Niedersachsen’s Dedication to Safety Standards and Player Protection
December 11, 2018 The Tender for Italy’s SuperEnalotto Concession to be Published by December 20, New Contract should be Awarded by June 2019
November 27 2018 Danske Lotteri, FDJ, Norsk Tipping, Veikkaus Announce the Establishment of a New Joint Venture Company – LEIA
November 22, 2018 New Swiss Gambling Legislation
September 4, 2018 Lotto Boss Sees Lottery Monopoly in Danger
September 3, 2018 Credit Card Payments for Online Gambling is Strictly Prohibited
August 29, 2018 Lower Saxony Announces Changes to the Gambling Law Again
August 20, 2018 Gaming Machine Turnover Continues to Increase Despite Senate Efforts to Reduce Their Numbers
August 20, 2018 The Swiss Played the Lottery Less in 2017, Revenue Down 6.4 Per Cent
August 15, 2018 Playtech and Kindred Join Deutsche Sportwettenverband (DSWV)
July 25, 2018) Berlin Gaming Machine Tax is Constitutional
July 20, 2018 Cantons Criticize New Lottery and Poker Rules
July 20, 2018 As a Consequence of the Recent Referendum (10.06.2018) Switzerland is about to Reform Its Gambling Law
July 17, 2018 Lotto Baden-Württemberg Report 4.4 Percent Increase for 1H 2018
July 16, 2018 EGBA Statement on Italy’s Proposed Gambling Ban
July 16, 2018 French Government Looks to Camelot to Lead €1.5 Billion Bid for French National Lottery
July 13, 2018 Lotto Chief Expresses Concern about Diminishing Significance of the State Lottery Companies in Germany Given the Increasing Pressure from Illegal Gambling
July 12, 2018 New European Lotto Betting Association (ELBA) Launched
July 11, 2018 LOTTO Niedersachsen Launch New Website
July 10, 2018 Lotteriinspektionen Posts License Application Forms ahead of Market Re-Regulation
July 6, 2018 DCMS Proposes Tenfold Increase in Society Lottery Sales Limit
July 4, 2018 Advertising Standards Authority Ruling on EU Lotto (
July 3, 2018 Slovakia Comptrollers Target Gambling Machines
July 3, 2018 Italian Gambling Advertising Ban Confirmed, Shall the Battle Start?
July 3, 2018 Global Lottery Monitoring System Welcomes Maltco Lotteries Ltd within the GLMS Family
July 2, 2018 Efficient Measures Against Illegal Black Lotteries
July 1, 2018 Ministry of Finance Looks to Revise Tax on Prizes for Lotteries and Gambling
July 1, 2018 Scratchcard Lottery Craze Grips Bulgaria
June 30, 2018 New Social Lottery to Launch in Germany
June 30, 2018 Tax on Lottery Prizes Raises Less Revenue Than in the Same Period of 2017
June 29, 2018 Government Seeks to Raise Society Lotteries Limit to £100m a Year
June 28, 2018 Global Lottery Monitoring System and LaLiga Sign Agreement
June 26, 2018 Poland Introduces Changes in Gambling Taxes
June 25, 2018 Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz to Lead the German Lotto and Totoblock from 2019
June 22, 2018 Sweden's Liberalised Gaming Regime to Return Power to the State
June 22, 2018 Consob Approves Playtech’s Snaitech Takeover
June 22, 2018 Global Lottery Monitoring System Signs Agreement with the Council of Europe to Contribute to Group of Copenhagen’s Monitoring Activities
June 21, 2018 Malta’s Gaming Sector is Worth 10% of the Country's GDP, with Over 280 Gaming Companies with 558 Assigned Licenses
June 21, 2018 Global Lottery Monitoring System Concludes Agreement with Norwegian Gaming Authority
June 21, 2018 Arcade Operators File Lawsuits to Challenge Gambling Law
June 20, 2018 Swedish Gambling Regulator Lotteriinspektionen Announce Forms to Apply for Gaming Licenses Will be Available from July 10th
June 18, 2018 Swedish Gambling Watchdog Receives a Larger Budget Ahead of New Regulations
June 16, 2018 Di Maio Declares War on Gambling in Italy: "To Ban Any Advertising of Games"
June 14, 2018 Gaming Authority Welcomes Expansion of The Public Administration Probity Screening
June 14, 2018 Norway Finalizes Its List of the Banned Websites
June 13, 2018 Lottovate Nederland Launches Raffld, New Lottery
June 13, 2018 Åland-Based Gambling Company PAF Becomes First International Gambling Company to Introduce Loss Limit
June 12, 2018 Swiss Voters Approve New Money Gaming Act
June 12, 2018 New (draft) Italian AML Obligations for Gaming Operators
June 11, 2018 Swiss Reject Money Proposal, Approve On-Line Casino Gambling
June 8, 2018 Norway Submits New Payment Regulations to Ban iGaming Transactions
June 8, 2018 New Licensing System Introduced on the Swedish Gaming Market (KrU8)
June 8, 2018 Norway Submits New Payment Regulations to Ban iGaming Transactions
June 8, 2018 Money-Laundering, Censorship Fears Fanned in Swiss Gambling Vote
June 7, 2018 Dutch Gaming Authority Loot Boxes Fall Under the Scope of the Act on Games of Chance
June 7, 2018 Court Overturns Ban on Gambling in the Slovak Capital
June 6, 2018 Poland Criticised for Delay in Simplified Online Betting Sign-Ups
June 5, 2018 GLMS President Joins MEPs and Key Stakeholders in Sending Out a Strong Message for the Entry Into Force of the Macolin Convention
June 1, 2018 Kansspelautoriteit Advises Method of Dealing with Complaints about Games of Chance Has Changed
June 1, 2018 Austrian Online Gambling Sector Also Grew Strongly in 2017, Grey Market Huge
June 1, 2018 Finland Ranks Fourth Among the World’s Biggest Gamblers
May 30, 2018 Italians Bet a Total of €8.1 Billion on Football in 2017, Up 33.2% on 2016: FIGC Report
May 30, 2018 GLMS Welcomes the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Regarding Sports Betting and Recalls the Importance of Measures Against Manipulations of Sport Competitions and Illegal Betting
May 29, 2018 adesso helps LOTTO Thüringen to Launch a New Central Lottery System
May 29, 2018 Opinion: New Gaming Act ‘Will Create a Huge Black Market’
May 29, 2018 German Gambling Hall Operators Fight Back with Lawsuit Against Stricter Regulations
May 29, 2018 Foreign Online Casino Association Contributes to NO Campaign
May 29, 2018 All Efforts to Stall the Introduction of a Provincial Law That Seeks to Ban Slot Machines in Tobacconists, Fails
May 28, 2018 Gaming Law: Foreign Casino Giants Also Benefit from a Yes Vote
May 28, 2018 On the occasion of the Football World Cup, the ARJEL Launches a Prevention Campaign on Social Networks "Betting Must Remain A Game"
May 28, 2018 Global Lottery Monitoring System and the Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority Conclude Agreement
May 28, 2018 The Swiss Intergovernmental Conference Supports the New Gambling Law
May 28, 2018 The New Swiss Law Would Enshrine the Online Gaming ‘Status Quo’
May 28, 2018 Lottery Operators M.S.L., Patriot Withdrawn From Sanctions Lists
May 25, 2018 Denmark Benefits from Foreign Online Casinos

News Archive for CY2017
March 6, 2017 Italy’s Gambling Revenue Up 22.3% in 2016
February 22, 2017 Raft Decree of a New Regulation for the Marketing of Electronic Tickets Goes on Public Exhibition
January 18, 2017 TI Claim Two Dozen Foreign Firms Offer Online Gambling in the Czech Republic Illegally

News Archive for CY2016
December 23, 2016 Dutch Gambling Authority Announce New License for Lotteries
December 2016 New Czech Regulation on Gambling Will Enter Into Legal Force as of January 1, 2017
November 8, 2016 Spanish Q3 Online Revenues Continue to Climb
October 12, 2016 Gambling Apps Successfully Banned in The Netherlands
July 8, 2016 Regulator Receives a Total of Eight Applications for New Lottery Licences
July 7, 2016 The Netherlands: Important Updates Lottery Market
July 7, 2016 Netherlands Passes Historic Remote Gaming Bill
July 5, 2016 Consumer Protection Organization U.Di.Con Demands Refunds for Lottery Tickets That Violate Rules
June 29, 2016 Maltese Spent €333 Million in Casinos and Lotteries
June 28, 2016 Gaming Taxation on the Rise in Valencia
June 20, 2016 More Delays for Expected for Online Legislation in The Netherlands
June 14, 2016 Mondogoal Launch Fantasy Sports Partnership With Sisal and Lottomatica
June 13, 2017 Revenue Increases for Italy’s Online Gambling Industry in May 2016
June 13, 2017 Italian Betting Shop Tender Delayed
June 13, 2016 Gaming Authority to Commence the Authorization Procedure for Charity Lottery Operator Lottovate
June 7, 2017 Spain’s Online Gambling Market Soars Following Legalisation
June 7, 2016 Global Lottery Scam Busted in the Netherlands
June 6, 2016 Government Could Outsource the Christmas Lottery
May 31, 2016 Gaming Regulator Reports the Spanish Gambling Market Has Grown by 11.57% in 2015 Compared to 2014
May 27, 2016 First Portuguese Online Gaming License Awarded
May 25, 2016 Greek Finance Ministry to Impose 35% Flat Tax on Gambling
May 23, 2016 Tendering Procedures for Italian Gaming Licenses About to be Launched
May 19, 2016 Dutch Gambling Authority Sign Cooperation Agreement with Financial Markets Authority
May 17, 2016 Strong First Quarter for the Swedish Gambling Market
May 16, 2016 Bosnia Struggles to Tighten Gambling Regulations
April 20, 2016 Greek Government Commits to Introduce Fully Regulated Online Gambling Market
April 18, 2016 Italy is the Gaming Market to Watch NOW!
April 16, 2016 Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli Announce Provisional Award of Italian Lotto Concession to IGT-led Consortium
April 15, 2016 Information on the Process for Renewal of Danish Gambling Licenses
April 15, 2016 Belgian Gaming Sector Regrets the Lack of Consultation for New Gambling Tax
April 8, 2016 Tax Contemplated for Betting and Gaming Considered Potentially Devastating for Sector
April 5, 2015 Police Authorities Undertake Major Action Against Online Gaming Sites
March 15, 2016 Italian Betting Shop Licenses to Expire Shortly
March 15, 2016 Declining Income Hits Gambling Venues
March 7, 2016 Dutch Appeal Court Rules Poker is a Game of Chance
March 3, 2016 Gaming Control Authority Says Illegal Gambling Operators Cast a Shadow Over the Whole Gaming Market
March 1, 2016 Government Warned Over the Impact of Increased Gambling Duties
March 1, 2016 Global Sharing Liquidity for the Italian Gaming Market?
February 24, 2016 Danish Gambling Authority Release Gambling Market Data for Q4 2015
February 24, 2016 Danish Gambling Authority Announce Change of Practice Concerning Self-Service Betting Terminals
February 16, 2016 Dutch Government Accepts Tax Ruling
February 15, 2016 DGOJ Report Spain’s Online Gambling Market Grew by 44.53% in 4Q
February 11, 2016 Higher Taxes to Hit Italy's Gaming Machine Operators
January 11, 2016 Greek Government Seeks Online Gambling Reform
January 6, 2016 Gaming Commission Concedes it is Unable to Monitor Online Gaming
January 5, 2016 MPs Call for Uniform Tax Rate for Gambling Business
January 5, 2016 The Netherlands: Government Parties Proposes Uniform Tax Rate for Online and Land Based Gaming


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