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La Fleurs 2016 World Lottery Almanac

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LaFleur's 2016 World Lottery Almanac. TLF Publications Click Here
GBGC Announce Release of Two New Reports Into Emerging Betting Sectors GBGC Click Here
10th Edition of the famous Global Gambling Report from GBGC GBGC Click Here
GBGC Interactive Report - latest GGY data for mobile, iTV, Internet, includes lotteries GBGC Click Here
GBGC Interactive Gambling Report April 2014 GBGC Click Here



La Fleur's 2015 European Lottery Abstract©-13th Edition

La Fleur's 2015 European Lottery Abstract

La Fleur's 2015 European Lottery Abstract (13th edition) features historical profiles of Europe's 70-plus national, provincial, regional and private lotteries, including annual sales by game, government profits, prizes, game details, retailer network data, ad budgets and vendor contracts.

The book traces lottery sales by game in local currency and converted to U.S. dollars from 2011 through 2014. Each profile provides a detailed historical account of the lottery's startup. For easy reference, each lottery's full address, phone, fax and website address are listed on the first page of the profile.

There is a summary of vital statistics, including the year established, organizational type and use of lottery profits. The second page of the profile provides a four-year summary of lottery sales (local currency) by game, including passive, instant, numbers, lotto, spiel, sports games and Internet wagering.

There is a separate table converting the lotteries' 2014 sales by game into U.S. currency, including total sales and per capita sales by game. Each game for the lottery is described in the Game Mechanics summary, including the game's generic class, year begun and ticket price.

Each lottery's instant ticket printer and systems vendor is also listed. The Statistical Section of the book tracks data on the European lottery industry.

Section 3 tracks each lottery's 2014 lottery sales by game in local currency and converted to U.S. dollars for rankings by total sales and per capita sales as well as individual game sales (lotto, instant, numbers, toto, draw, keno and video lottery terminal (VLTs).

Section 4 tracks each lottery's 2014 sales by game converted to Euros for rankings by total sales and per capita sales for lotto/spiel, instant, numbers, toto, draw, keno and VLTs.

Section 5 examines the instant game strategy plus top selling instant tickets for a select number of European lotteries. The Fast Facts section includes key information on vendor contracts, lottery startup years, earmarking of profits, game mix and 2014 Internet sales as a percentage of sales.

The Historical Data section tracks annual sales by game in local curency from 2001 through 2014. There is also a special historical guide to annual Internet sales by lottery organization (2005 through 2014).




GBGC Announce Release of Two New Reports Into Emerging Betting Sectors

ISLE of MAN (September 23, 2015) -- Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, a specialist gaming consultancy with more than 15 years'experience, has produced two new reports investigating African sports betting and emerging trends in virtual betting.

The reports are based on groundbreaking research conducted as part of GBGC's flagship Global Gambling Report, a market-leading study of more 250 gaming and betting markets which is now in its tenth edition.

GBGC CEO Warwick Bartlett commented: "We're pleased to be releasing reports into these exciting emerging sectors. Both topics have been very interesting to research, and we're certain that our readers and subscribers will find them engaging and a catalyst for ideas. Tax and regulation have put pressure on operators' profits in recent years so it has never been more important to seek out new sectors."

He continued: "In our decade-long work on the Global Gambling Report, we've always tried to take a comprehensive long-term view on the industry as a whole - but we understand that operators are looking for the most intriguing opportunities in the here and now. That's what these two new reports are all about."

The firm's report on virtual betting examines the ways in which the simulated betting format - long derided as 'cartoon betting' - is on the rise. Improvements to graphics and new products offered by suppliers are slowly transforming virtual betting into a serious contributor to revenues, compounded by operators' desires for stable margins and a longer "betting window".

Meanwhile, GBGC's report on Africa identifies cultural trends that are currently driving the continent's emerging sports betting sector. Although the African betting market currently lags behind its European and Asian counterparts, there are several trends giving cause for growth: urbanisation, increasing stability and economic prosperity and a growing, young population.

Lorien Piling, Director at GBGC, said: "Global suppliers have already seen the potential and are working with established operators in Africa, but now non-domestic operators are sensing that this might be a market to break into. Of course, there's quite a difference between sensing opportunity and actually navigating the complex terrain of a new jurisdiction. That's where GBGC's expertise comes in."

The company has already completed projects in Africa, finding partners and researching potential opportunities in various jurisdictions. According to Bartlett, a symbiotic relationship exists between GBGC's specialist gambling reports and its international consultancy projects.

"Our research has always gone hand-in-hand with our consultancy work," added Bartlett. "Being properly informed is the best way to start, but looking at strategy, licensing, partnerships and individual business goals is the next step. These two reports on virtual betting and Africa will help spark ideas for new opportunities for betting firms looking to diversify and increase their revenues."

Media Information Lorien Pilling, Director +44 (0) 1624 827138 2nd Floor 8-10 Malew Street, Castletown, Isle of Man, IM9 1AB




10th Edition of the famous Global Gambling Report from GBGC

ISLE oF MAN (May 19, 2015) -- The world's global gambling revenues surpassed US$ 450 billion in 2014, according to the analysis in Global Betting and Gaming Consultants' new tenth edition of its Global Gambling Report.

The market grew by just 1.1% in 2013 but performed more strongly in 2014, rising by 3.2%, according to the provisional data.

Asia overtook North America as the largest gambling region in 2010 and Asia continues to hold the top spot, accounting for almost 33% of global gambling revenues. This celebrated report containing more than 2250 pages plus 80,000 data points is unsurpassed in detail and accuracy and is widely accepted by governments, operators, lotteries, tech firms, investments banks as the most informative work on the global gambling industry. Every country where gambling takes place has a dedicated chapter.

Find out more at this direct link (It will open in a seperate Tab).

Contact +44 (0)1624 827138.

New Just Released - Interactive Gambling Report - May 2015

This report (latest update April 2015) discusses the main issues surrounding the Interactive gambling industry from regulatory and payment issues to advertising, along with hundreds of data points for each segment of the industry. There is detail on Interactive gambling revenues in each country along with forecasts now to 2019. The major companies are also tracked through the iGBGC index of leading quoted companies.

Find out more at this direct link (It will open in a seperate Tab).

For further Information Contact: Warwick Bartlett

Chief Executive GBGC

T +44 (0) 1624 827138 C +447624483921




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